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  • WHAT YOU NEED: Whether a professional athlete or a sports aficionado, you certainly understand. The importance of breathing when it comes to maximizing your workout results. If you’re feeling up for a nice challenge, the cover elevation workout mask is the perfect solution!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS: This training mask is made from superior quality, highly durable materials, with sturdy construction that ensures a comfortable wearing experience. The highly breathable head sleeve fabric and elastic straps won’t loosen or deform and are guaranteed to withstand the test of time.
  • ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE LEVELS: With 24 breathing resistance levels, which are easily adjusted according to your needs, this workout mask for men and women allows you to be in control of your workout intensity, without having to improve it due to unpleasant sliding continually.
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS: The cover workout mask simulates altitude training with the help of a valve system, which makes your body work harder to breathe. With regular use, it strengthens respiratory muscles, increases lung capacity and endurance, and builds mental focus, fully maximizing your results.
  • IDEAL FOR ALL WORKOUTS: This oxygen elevation workout mask is compatible with all sorts of workout routines and exercises, from running, jogging, cycling, fitness programs, cardio, sports training, climbing, or hiking.

Product Description:

When it comes to our customer’s satisfaction, there’s simply no room for compromise. That’s why we have chosen to work only with top quality materials and verified suppliers, which are guaranteed to deliver to our high expectations. If, for some reason, you’re not entirely pleased with your purchase, our money-back policy has got you covered!

Why is this Product For You?

Made from premium quality, extra-durable materials, with a sturdy, user-friendly design built for both men and women, the COHER training mask is a must for everyone who wants to rise to the challenge of a hardcore workout. With 24 adjustable breathing levels, a non-slip workout mask body, and a highly elastic head sleeve that guarantees a perfect fit, this elevation workout mask will take your training to the next level, increasing your lung capacity and burning more calories.

Workout Mask Mini Buying Guide

Materials and Cleaning

Medical grade silicone and neoprene are the best materials for sleeves. These quality materials last a long time and have elasticity. Also, these are anything but difficult to clean with a workout mask cleaner. Be that as it may, if you utilize a workout mask, which is made of various materials, you need to check whether it very well may be cleaned with rising mask cleaners or not. You would prefer not to hurt the substance of your mask, isn’t that so? As a side note, you can clean all the elevation masks on this rundown with training mask cleaners.

Also, the materials need to assimilate the perspiration and dampness well because not exclusively will you sweat, have salivation, and so on, these can get in the internal instrument and lower the solidness of a workout mask so the materials and configuration basically ought to restrain these.

Okay, this one is an individual encounter, and when I wore my subsequent training mask, my face was all red. Even though many rise workout masks have hypoallergenic characteristics, some don’t. With that, on the off chance that you are allergic to dust or some tree in your nursery. And can’t work out there, you can also utilize these masks for these issues.


Even however, there are some other tie styles, as indicated by a heap of individuals, velcro gives a superior fit.

Air Restriction

Your workout mask should provide resistance while you are inhaling and exhaling. Many low-quality workout masks provide resistance while only inhaling. These just don’t the activity well, so your respiratory muscles don’t improve well. With that, some quality workout masks have even air channels, so when you utilize these, you also experience the impacts of training in a contamination-free condition. Isn’t this just magnificent?


Lashes, sleeves should be anatomically planned since it provides a superior fit. Also, the materials of your coat should dispose of dampness as quickly as time permits, so your workout mask doesn’t slide, and the components above carry out the responsibility just fine.


The structure should be ergonomic, and it should provide a workout mask to be made of fewer materials. Not just this provides an increasingly reasonable sticker price, yet it also encourages you to be progressively agreeable. With that, the internal component, the transition valve should remain stable during your exercise. Envision that a piece in your workout mask moves around while you kick an overwhelming pack during your MMA training. It wouldn’t be cautious, would it?


The least sophisticated approach to accomplish satisfactory help is to utilize ideal materials that underline the motivation behind the workout mask, whether or not it is cold insurance, dust filtration, or resistance.

CO2 Tolerance

The Sparthos workout mask allows you to go on for longer by boosting your understanding of high-intensity activities. It means you will hit exhaustion much later on into the exercise than previously, which for the most part, happens significantly faster without a mask.

Altitude “Level” Selection System

You need to look at the simplicity of use. Provided that it is difficult, you need to stop your exercise, take your workout mask off and change altitude, lastly, you can proceed with your activity. In any event, composing these makes me tired. You need to transform it rapidly so you can get all the benefits of your training effectively. The best frameworks are the valve and switch for it.

Also, the altitude contrast between levels should not be excessive. Something else, when you find a good pace propelled level, your respiratory muscles face an excessive amount of obstruction, and this circumstance is a long way from perfect. It should expand gradually. I had the best outcomes when the thing that matters was little, and I read numerous sources, yet there isn’t a great deal of data about this theme, however as per my encounters, 4000 feet should be the most extreme distinction. The less is better.


This is another essential factor, and after giving all the things over, your workout mask also should be light, however much as could reasonably be expected, so it doesn’t bring down your training execution.

Different Benefits

Notwithstanding the benefits of altitude workout masks over, the inward components of value workout masks also expel residue and clear air while relaxing. So you can do each training type in any condition type, including dusty air.

Excellent Brands

Workout Mask

It is the first reliable brand which started producing high altitude workout masks. It inspired many different companies, and at first, I know that many companies just replicated its plan, air obstruction framework, and even sleeves! I also have involvement in the company and utilized one of the first models, and it worked just fine. In any case, I can say that this company, without a doubt, originated from far. With that, many fruitful competitors utilize this current brand’s items. The company shares all the data on the official site. It also has two different models on this rundown too. Pass on, and Workout Mask is the best height workout mask company by a long shot!


I utilized Aduro for quite a while, and I also shared my encounters on my site. In the blink of an eye, I propelled myself more during punching sack meetings and remembered that I utilized a more established model, and you can discover the fresher model on this rundown.

Anyway, sufficiently intriguing, I have many associates in an MMA rec center in Samut Prakan, Thailand, who utilize this existing brand’s different models, and both of these folks were happy with the fat consuming outcomes. Post-practice vitality utilization, which is called EPOC, was also higher as per their wellness trackers, so I can without much of a stretch prescribe this brand to anybody!


Okay, I have individual encounters with the brand, and even though it isn’t first-class and just gives a couple of obstruction levels, it carries out the responsibility just fine. Also, all the workout masks are sensibly valued, and every one of them gets very positive criticism on discussions. So even though Lycos isn’t notable like different brands above, it is arriving.

As I expressed before, I have a lot of encounters with good brands (for the most part with more established models), so on the off chance that you consider getting a progressively previous model, you can go with the brands above with no issue at all!