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  • Made from 100% food-grade silicone, BPA free, and FDA approved. Cyclic use, low energy consumption and environmental; Premium silicone material offers that they won’t absorb odor, stain, rust, crack or chip
  • The soft and flexible silicone trivets can be used as a trivet to protect your kitchen surface from all scalding dishware. The unique yet practical and durable trivets are also suitable for kitchen mats, table mats, bowl mats, dish mats, and pitcher coasters.
  • ☆ The large size: 20*0.6cm/7 3/4″ * 1/4″; Extreme temperatures range from -40°F to 482°F, And the three kinds of carving-shaped kitchen components add style and function to your home.
  • ☆ Easy to Wash and Store: Wash it with your hands or throw it into the dishwasher when it needs to be washed; The flake is designed for easy overlaying and the hole for easy hanging and convenient storage when not in use.
  • ☆Offers: All trivets ship fast from Amazon warehouses. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. All ME&FAN products are offered UNDER REGISTERED TRADEMARK and ONLY SOLD BY ME.FAN. We do not authorize any other sellers to sell our products on Amazon. We can not provide the quality of the outcome of other sellers!

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ME.Me&Family& Friends shortens FAN. We are a company which mainly product kitchen and household items, all of our things are made of high-quality materials. We do hope everybody can share each happy moment with their families and friends.

Why Are You Choose ME? FAN Multi-Use Carving Trivet Mat?

  • 100% Food Grade Silicone Material ensure that won’t absorb odor, stain, rust, crack, or chip.
  • Soft and environmental trivets will be better to keep your family and friends healthy.
  • Heat resistant up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit, Can be used to protect your countertop, chicken tables from all hot things.
  • As a Mat, they can be used as kitchen mats, table mats, bowl mats, dish mats, and pitcher coasters. As a trivet, they will produce all kitchen surfaces.
  • 3 Different Unique and Beautiful Carving-Shaped decorate your kitchen and home.

Silicone Trivet Mats Mini Buying Guide

Consider Flexible Mats

When buying the mats, you need to go for flexible individuals. Buying soft rugs is necessary because they are highly durable. There are situations where the mats may tumble from the table. With flexible mats, they will bob on the floor. It is not at all, like having weak bones that can break if they fall onto the floor. With flexible mats, it is likewise simple to deal with them. Indeed, even with kids at home, it turns out to be anything but difficult to deal with them. Mind the general plan of the mats with the goal that you can go for the individuals who will serve you for long.

Durable And Thick Mats

To stay away from heat entrance to your tabletop from the hot pots, you need considerably thick mats. On the off chance that you purchase thin mats, you should stick a few of them before they can offer the necessary assurance on the table. Guarantee you beware of the thickness. The thickness ought to give the most extreme warmth assurance. For the instance of silicone mats, attempt to have the individuals who have been intended to withstand heat infiltration. Regardless of whether you need to pay more for thick mats, they will work well for you. It is not healthy for going for thin mats, which may never give you the necessary security you need to appreciate most extreme tabletop insurance against heat from cooking pots and hot plates.

Stable Design Silicone Trivet Mats

The silicone mats should be made in a robust design. On the off chance that you go for the individuals who have holes, at that point, they will leave marks on your table. The unattractive marks like those of vase holders can meddle with the design of your tabletop. To try and protect the quality materials utilized on your tabletop, you have to guarantee you purchase mats with active base development. The mats with strong bases will offer the most extreme assurance, which will keep away from situations where the warmth from the hot pots can infiltrate and wind up warming the floor. On the off chance that you can pick the correct mats for your table, at that point, you can make extraordinary progress in saving the nature of your feasting tables.

Multipurpose Design Trivet Mats

The best mats to purchase should be in the adaptable design. For example, they should permit you to put problem areas on them. There are times when you might want to have a hot container on the pots. The pots should empower the utilization of hot boxes on them. To have a multipurpose tangle, you have to go for one which has considerable surface regions with the goal that it can suit the bigger surfaces from the cooking pots. Keep an eye on the portrayals to affirm whether they can function admirably for moment pots and weight cookers.

Hostile to Slip Surface

When working in the kitchen, you need a surface where you can place hot substances and avoid slippage. Continuously guarantee you purchase silicone trivet mats that have hostile to slipcovers. You hazard the wellbeing of your friends and family on the off chance that you can go for a tangle, which is elusive. It can prompt the pouring of hot substances if you place it on a kitchen ledge and place a plate of hot soup.

Highest Temperature the Silicone Trivet Mats Can Withstand

The best mats ought to withstand high temperatures of up to 450 F. When you get it out of the fire, they will, in general, be boiling. You need a tangle that can withstand high temperatures to avoid situations where you can get a thing out of the fire, and it winds up consuming the mats.

Microwave safe

There are times when you might want to place things in your microwave and warmth them. With mats that are worked to be microwave protected, at that point, you can appreciate distinctive warming substances in the microwave with no stress. It has arrived to keep an eye on the mats whether they are microwave safe before you continue to place a request. The trivet we prescribe has been tried, and it works quite well. It doesn’t make a difference in the hot substance you are proposed to put on the mats. They can withstand diverse hot components, for example, hot espresso, hot moment pots, and even spicy dishes.

Tasteful Intrigue

You need a mat which will enhance the look of your dining table. It will be celebrated if you can have a unit that will make you proud when serving guests with hot nourishments. Beware of the structures of the mats accessible in the market and go for one which can function admirably for your dining room. There are various plans and hues to browse; thus, you need to go for a tone that can work admirably for you.

Value Contemplations

Your spending matters. The mats are accessible at various costs. You need to look at the changing mats available from where you can pick the best. There are times when you should purchase a few mats. In such a case, you can spare a great arrangement of cash if you can complete value correlation before you put in your request. When attempting to put together your choice concerning value, you ought to too keep an eye on the nature of the units.

The above is a portion of the components you need to consider with the goal that you can purchase the best trivet mats. Take as much time as is required and pick as well, As can be expected to work well for in your home. Having defensive mats in your house is essential since they protect the estimation of your dining tabletop.