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Tactical Self Defense Pen

Tactical Self Defense Pen

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  • BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY: Stay on the safe side with the Merssyria premium self-defense tactical EDC pen, which is specially designed to keep you, your kids and your fellow campers safe from danger.
  • BE PREPARED FOR ANY EMERGENCY: The aircraft aluminum construction and versatile design will allow you to handle any emergency like a pro. Our heavy-duty pen is ideal for camping, hiking, and hunting too.
  • ONE SURVIVAL PEN, 100+1 USES: Find your way in the dark, start a fire, build shelter, escape a locked car, call for help, repair your bike, defend yourself, rope shearing tool or write with our 10-in-1 pen.
  • SPOIL YOUR LOVED ONES: If you are looking for a practical, convenient and cool present for your father, brother, husband, boyfriend, grandfather or son. Look no further than our window breaker pen!
  • GET YOUR TACTICAL PEN RISK-FREE: In the unlikely case that you are not 100% thrilled with our multipurpose tactical pen for self-defense. We promise to issue a full refund on-the-spot.

The Best Tactical Pan

Finding the best tactical pen can be tricky, mainly if you haven’t utilized one before and you don’t have the foggiest idea what to look for. In the following section, we explain how to locate the privilege tactical pen model for your needs.


A tactical pen can assume numerous jobs, and you can utilize one in different circumstances. Distinguishing the sort of position you’re well on the way to use it in can make it simpler to locate the correct model.

Composing: A pen is a pen. You use it for writing. On the off chance that you now and again need to utilize a pen, you should purchase a tactical pen that doesn’t weigh excessively. One of the issues individuals frequently have with tactical pens is their weight. In contrast to standard pens, tactical pens are extraordinarily intended to gauge more, so they can be increasingly influential. When you need to shield yourself or when you need to utilize it to break a window on account of a crisis. On the off chance that you need to use the pen for composing protracted reports, or you need to sign a lot of papers. It may be smarter to locate a model that doesn’t weigh excessively, so your hand won’t tire rapidly.

A few models use ink cartridges that enable you to write in all sort of conditions, regardless of whether it’s drizzling or foggy outside. If your activity generally includes being out in the open, it may be smarter to purchase such a model. Regardless of whether the model you like best doesn’t accompany such a cartridge. You should know that specific makers sell ink cartridges good with most tactical pens.

Self-Defense: If you want to buy a tactical pen because you need a concealed tool, you can use in a self-defense situation. It would be better on the off chance that you made them train first. You should realize that some tactical pens are heavier than others. Some people prefer a heavier pen because it can accomplish more harm, while others prefer a lighter one because it’s simpler to use. It usually is just a matter of preference and defense style you’re utilized to.

Glass Breaker: Some people want to buy a tactical pen because it is an essential tool for their autos. A tactical pen can be utilized with excellent outcomes as a glass breaker. You can use one to escape your vehicle rapidly on account of a crisis. In case you’re one of these people, you should realize that tactical pens ordinarily accompany two kinds of glass breakers.

Some models accompany a strengthened tip on their backside that goes about as both. A glass breaker and a self-defense tool. Others utilize a piece of delayed advice made out of steel or another sturdy material ideal by the ballpoint. The two structures are great at breaking the glass. However, some people prefer the fortified tip to the drawn-out one because it gives a more extensive effect point.

Multi-Tool: Some tactical pens can come with more features. Models such as the Inazuma Tactical Pen come with an implicit spotlight. The electric lamp is an expensive frill, however since most cell phones these days have one, it probably won’t be fundamental. Different models can go about as a screwdriver, a jug opener, or even a wrench. Depending on your calendar and employment necessities, you can locate a tactical model that can help you in more than one way.

Type Of Ink Cartridge

At whatever point you’re purchasing a composition instrument, you additionally need to think about the type of ink cartridge it employments. Is the canister simple to supplant? Would you be able to discover a substitution rapidly, or can you utilize the ones delivered by a similar producer as the pen?

The type of ink cartridge utilized impacts your composition, so finding the correct one for you is likewise a matter of inclination. Here are the fundamental types of ink cartridges tactical pen makers use.

Fischer Space Pen: Even however, this is an astounding ink cartridge, you won’t have the option to discover. It as the production line default for some models. This cartridge is pressurized with the goal that it can compose on general surfaces. Regardless of how sharp the pen’s edge is, this cartridge will even now work. Probably the best element of this ink cartridge is its capacity to write in each type of condition. The maker publicizes that you can utilize it in temperatures between – 30 and 250 degrees F, yet as you can envision, we couldn’t put that attestation under serious scrutiny. One of the drawbacks of this ink cartridge is that it comes at a somewhat high cost.

Parker Ballpoint: This is the most common type of ink cartridge utilized by tactical pen manufacturers. Its main advantage is its price, and you will have the option to find substitutions for it even at your nearby supply stores. This ink cartridge is simple and comfortable to use in typical conditions, yet you may encounter a few issues on the off chance that you plan to utilize it in extreme situations.

Parker Gel Ballpoint: This is another mainstream type of ink cartridge. Even though fewer manufacturers use it as a default choice, this type of ink cartridge isn’t expensive, and it looks superior to the basic ballpoint. The composition experience is likewise improved, and you will have the option to compose quicker, with a smoother stream. The gel ink will run out more rapidly than the ordinary glue one, however the cartridge is anything but difficult to find and supplant.

Even though these are the main types of ink, you’ll find available. You ought to know there are others also. Some of them will offer comparable execution to the ones we exhibited. However, they may be less expensive if a less famous-maker produces them.