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Sleep Sound Machine

Sleep Sound Machine

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  • 24 SOOTHING SOUNDS: Douni white noise sound machine has 24 total sounds in three different categories:7 Fan sounds; 7 White Noise;10 Classical Nature Sounds including Ocean Waves, Forest, Thunder, Brook, Crickets, Train, Clock Ticking, Campfire, Lullaby and Fetal Tone suitable for soothing your little one, your older kids into a deep, restful sleep. Simply to plug in to use this sound machine.
  • AESTHETICALLY PLEASING & PORTABLE SIZE: Featuring stylish wood grain finish, this sound machine matches any decor at the nursery room; office; bedroom; hotel room; kid’s room perfectly. This portable sound machine Weighing 9.7 ounces and measuring 2.3 inches high; this fits easily into your backpack or suitcase and makes it great for travel or in-office use to relieve anxiety and sleep better.
  • TIMER OPINION and MEMORY FUNCTION: The sleep sound machine features a 30, 60, or 90-minute sleep timer. The sleep machine can either play all night or automatically turns off when you want. To.whether, you are taking a nap, relaxation, meditation, or concentration while studying or working. The sound machine remembers your last settings of the timer, sound, and volume level when you next turn it on.
  • SUPPORTING 3.5MM EARPHONE and DIFFERENT VOLUME LEVELS: Douni Portable sound machine with a headphone jack allows you to listen so you won’t disturb others around you. The sound machine for sleeping offers several different volumes- over 32 volume levels in 85dB increments. You can fine-tune the perfect level of sound for space.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: Douni Sleep Sound Machine, Power adapter, Power cord, User Manual. 45-day money-back guarantees from the date of purchase and 12-month hassle-free warranty. Feel free to reach out to support@dounitech.com with any questions.

Product Description:

Douni sound machine has 24 all-out sounds in three distinctive categories. These include seven fan sounds, seven sleep sound machines, and ten old-style nature sounds. A portion of these is Ocean Waves, Forest, Thunder, Train, Campfire, Lullaby, and Fetal Tone. They are sensible for relieving your little one into a restful sleep.

It sounds machine gives an expressive layout at the nursery room, office, and youngster’s room. Its advantageous sound machine weighs 9.7 ounces. Its stature is 2.3 inches. It fits into your sack and makes it helpful for movement or in-office use to relieve strain and rest better.

This rest sound machine includes a 30, 60, or 90 minutes rest clock. The gadget can play for the whole night, or it kills when you manually do as such. Regardless of whether you are taking a nap, loosening up, or center while looking at or working. The sound machine sets itself to your last settings of the clock, sound, and volume level when you turn it on after past use. Douni Portable sound machine with a headphone jack empowers you to tune in private. This component is so you won’t disturb others around you. You can tune in the perfect level of sound for yourself.

The Fan Has 7 Sounds

sleep sound machine has seven tones, ten classic and nature sounds of ocean waves, the forest, thunder, a creek, a train, ticking clock, open-air fire, lullabies, and the fetal noise. These are magnificent for your baby, toddlers, more established youngsters, and teenagers as well to incorporate grandmother. It cuts out those who snore and dogs yapping.

The outside housing is a fake wood grain finish to go with any home or office stylistic layout. Use it in your baby’s room, apartment, and in childcare centers. It’s lightweight, so it is versatile to take with you voyaging and using it in your lodging. It weighs just 9.7-ounces and measures 2.3-inches high. Drop it into your baggage, purse, or baby’s sack to use any place you go.

Sleep Sound Machine Mini Buying Guide

‘Sleep sound machine’ is a term that derives attention for a wide range of sound signals—counting those that lessen more energetic noises to transmit discomfort. By and large, a sleep sound machine takes the type of pleasing sounds. Individuals consider background noise as a sedative. Since it mixes well with others, it produces sounds that make you nod off.

Many adults rely upon these sounds to fall asleep consistently. Companies constructed a couple of models for small kids because of specific reasons. Background noise is moreover a movement enhancement that you can use on planes. Various types of open vehicles, visitor rooms, and spots with noise needs devices as such. A full scope of background noise is, at present, accessible at different worth focuses.

How Sound Machines Help Hou Sleep

It isn’t just pure sound that wakes us up, in essence. It’s the sudden starting or stopping of noise or an immediate and critical increase or decrease in volume. If you’ve at any point lived over a bar or had neighbors that delighted in shooting music throughout the night, you realize that overwhelming bass is sufficient to keep up even the most drained among us. Our cerebrums consequently focus in on sounds, so to get to sleep and loosen up our minds, we need to overwhelm those sounds.

Sleep machines are intended to make a consistent yet unbiased sound that our cerebrum makes some hard memories concentrating on. Commonly, it’s peaceful and musical, yet not very circling, as our minds can focus on sounds that circle too clearly. Nature is incredible at making mitigating sounds that make us agreeable.
Precipitation, the slamming of sea waves, the tweeting of insects out there, and that is the reason you find such a large number of sound machines highlight these normal sounds, notwithstanding the customary sleep sound machine.

For what reason Should You Choose A Sleep Sound Machine Carefully

Asking why you should invest this push to select the best sleep sound machine? Here are several reasons why:

Superior Sound Quality

The general purpose of putting resources into a sleep sound machine is with the goal that you can get a peaceful night’s rest. You should put resources into an excellent sleep sound machine that is equipped for conveying superior sound quality.

Sound Variety

A high-quality machine will feature plenty of pre-recorded sounds for maximum convenience. Products that offer a wide variety of sounds are bound to be progressively practical. This feature will likewise permit you to utilize the gadget for numerous reasons.


Not every person is educated and can work their way around high-tech machines. Top brands work hard to make it simple to utilize products that offer better outcomes as well as simple than use.


Regardless of whether you plan on utilizing the noise machine as a tranquilizer or need something to veil diverting noises at work, it’s continuously worth putting resources into a versatile gadget. The first-class products are as yet smaller and lightweight, permitting clients to profit by maximum use.

While Choosing Your Sleep Sound Machine

Power Source

You can plug most sleep sound machines into a power outlet on the divider. This component is advantageous since you can helpfully set the time as indicated by your comfort and plug it into a power outlet. On the off chance that you travel a ton, you can invest in a machine with a connector that can plug into worldwide power outlets.

If you’d instead invest in something progressively versatile, you can invest in a sleep sound machine that utilizes batteries or a USB port for advantageous charging. Notwithstanding, it merits referencing that you’ll need to supplant the batteries inevitably, so everything descends to your inclination.

Noise Masking Capabilities

The sleep sound machine is probably not going to be viable on the off chance that it doesn’t have unrivaled noise-veiling capacities. The gadget works by delivering surrounding sounds that will effectively have the option to veil other, less beautiful noises.

While assessing the gadget’s capacity to camouflage or veil noise, focus on qualities, for example, how frequently the sound rehashes itself, otherwise called circling. A unit with a short circling time is probably not going to offer brilliant outcomes.

Types Of Noise

Some people like to sleep to the sound of waves crashing while others find peace in the twittering sounds made by winged creatures. An excellent quality sleep sound machine will undoubtedly offer a broad determination of sounds. Pre-recorded tracks make it easier for clients to choose the best alternative as per their inclinations.

Size Of Machine

It’s to be expected you’re looking for a convenient device that can without much of a stretch fit on your end table. Be that as it may, an incredible technique may end up being progressively practical if you plan on using the sleep sound machine in a more significant zone, for example, your office or youngster’s nursery.

Guarantee the device is convenient and lightweight on the off chance that you are a regular voyager and would prefer not to heft around a cumbersome machine in your rucksack. A little, minimal, lightweight apparatus will make it easier for you to traverse rough streets and security checkpoints.


What purpose would you say you are buying the sleep sound machine for in any case? While some people need a peaceful night’s sleep, others may require the device for reflection or to veil diverting foundation noise while they are busy working.

The proposed purpose will assume a colossal job in figuring out what kind of sleep sound machine you should purchase. For example, if you plan on using the noise machine as a sleeping guide, guarantee it offers an assortment of ordinary sounds.

Volume And Pitch

The sound pitch and volume are just as important as the sound quality produced by the machine. We propose you select a gadget that offers a high volume and pitch run. This component is essential since high volume and pitch can successfully cover foundation noises. In this way, if your sleep sound machine doesn’t have an inbuilt covering framework, you will, in any case, have the option to appreciate similar advantages.


Why and where you plan on using the machine is another essential factor you have to consider. What kind of environment will you utilize the device consistently? Sleep sound machines ordinarily function admirably in environments with appropriate air circulation. Significantly, a sleep sound machine won’t work as productively in a stodgy room.

The gadget may wind up adding to the overall stodginess of the room as it likewise creates heat, so guarantee the sleep sound machine is intended to suit the environment you plan on using it in.

Overall Sound Quality

Before putting resources into a specific model, you should assess the overall sound quality of the machine. Various models offer fluctuating settings alongside different assortments of sound, so consistently think about the outcomes on the off chance that you need the best. Sound quality is an essential factor that you ought not to settle on as it will change how the machine works.

What’s more, after all, the entire purpose of investing in a sleep sound machine is to mask distracting noises, and that won’t be conceivable if the gadget doesn’t create quality sound.

Different Types of  Sleep Sound Machine

Nature Sounds

Even though nature sounds are technically not slept sound machine, they’re frequently lumped into this classification and included in noise generators due to their relieving attributes. The most mainstream nature soundtracks include sea, rainfall, woodlands, wildernesses, waterfalls, and crickets.

Machinery Noises

There’s a consistent murmur or automaton of machinery that can be soothing. Models include a clothes washer, electrical fans, and cooling units.

Encompassing Soundscapes

Vast numbers of us become accustomed to having action around them and can feel fretful despite quietness. Hearing a quieted discussion from a group, or the clamor of traffic (less the horns) can be valuable in helping a few people fall and stay unconscious.

Last Thoughts

You have numerous purposes behind utilizing a sound concealing repetitive sound. We trust this article has given you the rights and advantages for the top motivations to have at least one. They offer secrecy and discourse protection where those discussions are not caught. Representative profitability goes somewhere near a significant 40% because of noise interruptions from coworkers or your hardware. Workers commit information passage errors on account of pauses and office sounds.

Mental fatigue for office workers and anyone can increase for people to feel burned out and irritable. Take time reading about the items investigated here. The sounds of silence or no silence can be accomplished utilizing an asleep sound machine or sound gadget at home and numerous different spots. Happy shopping!