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  • We have sold over 1 MILLION LANTERNS!! 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! – When you’re happy, we’re so glad! Buy with the confidence of our Satisfaction Guarantee. All Just Artifacts® party products are shipped from within the USA!
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED? Twenty (20) Assorted Shapes/Colors ECO Wire-free Sky Lanterns. All Sky Lanterns will come with pre-attached Fuel Cell. All ECO Wire-free Sky Lanterns are 100% Biodegradable. Metal Wire has been replaced with a fire RESISTANT string.
  • DISTANCE: Push the range with our EXCELLENT quality Sky Lanterns. Eco Wire-free Sky Lanterns can fly up to 1,000m or more! Colored Sky Lanterns are a great addition if you intend to operate your Kongming Chinese Lanterns at night.
  • All-sky lantern returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee

Item Depiction:

Just Artifacts 20 Eco Wire-free Assorted Chinese Flying Sky 

Twenty (20) Just Artifacts wire-free assorted shapes and hued sky lanterns with pre-connected power devices. Metal Wire has been supplanted with a heatproof string.

Extra dealing with and precautionary wellbeing measures:

Never fly your sky lantern if there is any apparent breeze present. To guarantee a sheltered dispatch, fly your Sky Lantern on days with calm climate conditions. Wind can bring about your Sky Lantern falling back to earth, or plunging into different things before it has securely arrived at the ideal height. Events, for example, these can make your sky lantern light a fire perhaps. We prompt all Sky Lantern clients and members to please make a special effort to be cautious and utilize sound judgment.

Disclaimer: On acquiring Sky Lanterns from Just Artifacts you acknowledge all obligation regarding any close to home damage, common harms, cases, or criminal accusations. That outcome from the arrival of the Sky Lanterns. We prompt checking with your nearby Fire Marshall to guarantee sky lanterns are not disallowed in your general vicinity.

Please review the following rules and guidelines below:

Choose an open windless area to fly your lantern. Avoid combustible articles, tall structures, and air terminals when using the Sky Lanterns. Search for spots with open, revealed skies when flying, and use Sky Lanterns that are produced using fireproof materials

Never fly your Sky Lanterns inside 5 miles of an air terminal.

  • Keep Sky Lanterns from kids except if satisfactorily directed by grown-ups.
  • The Sky Lanterns must be utilized with the going with power device, DO make an effort not to supplant with other combustible articles.
  • Sky Lanterns ought to be permitted to fly uninhibitedly once they are completely lit, DO NOT hold it down for significant stretches.
  • Try not to drape anything under the Sky Lantern.
  • Never permit others, or yourself to deal with sky lanterns while impaired.
  • For security insurances wear a fireproof dress when taking care of Sky Lanterns. Please keep a flame quencher present when using Sky Lanterns if there should arise an occurrence of crises.
  • Try not to utilize Sky Lanterns that have been harmed or torn.

The Packaging

It may not seem significant when purchasing a set of sky lanterns. However, you can learn a lot about the item just by how it is bundled. Higher quality sky lanterns usually come bundled in an external defensive box to guarantee. That the lights touch base in fantastic condition when they are opened, less expensive sky lanterns. Will either go in there groups with no external bundling or in a thin cellophane wrapper that can tear effectively. It’s always worth checking the item inside the container, however. Great bundling doesn’t always mean an incredible thing!

When you’ve opened the crate, you’ll have the option to see the lantern quality much better. On a less expensive set of sky lanterns, you’ll see a thin cellophane wrapper once more. The guidelines by and large are in highly contrasting, and the general bundling resembles it been done to expand benefits. In case you’re taking a gander at a higher quality lantern, you’ll as a rule have full-shading bundling with clear directions. What’s more, the introduction of the item will be pleasantly bundled. Thicker cellophane is regularly utilized that doesn’t look folded, and the sky lantern should look in immaculate condition.

What to Search For When Opening The Sky Lantern

When you first remove the sky lantern from the bundling, you should have the option to feel quality right away. The sky lantern should be very much collapsed, and the paper on the light should be thick and fresh. A lower quality lantern will have a lot of thinner paper that looks progressively folded. A portion of the less expensive lanterns have a severe, terrible stench too as they are bundled when marginally soggy, this can cause the shape to develop inside the sky lantern.

You should have the option to see on the photo below the two sky lanterns side by side. The less expensive sky lantern is on the left-hand side, and the higher quality lantern, for this situation one of our ‘White Traditional Sky Lanterns’ is on the right-hand side.

Left hand – Lower Quality – Lantern:

Even though you can’t see on the photo outstandingly well, the paper is a lot more slender. Presumably half as thick as the sky lantern on the right.

  • Stains can be seen on the lantern where it has been bundled. The lantern has an extremely particular sodden smell to it also.
  • The energy unit has spilled onto the paper above as there is no defensive spread over the lantern.
  • No silica gel packet has been incorporated (which would clarify the damp smell and the stains).
  • The lantern looks folded contrasted with the lantern on the right (not as apparent in the photos).
  • The eco-string is incredibly slender.

Right Hand – Higher Quality – Lantern:

  • The paper is thick.
  • A silica gel packet is incorporated, so there is positively no smell or no dampness.
  • The energy unit is significantly more generous and secured by a spread.
  • The eco-string is a lot more grounded and biodegradable.
  • No stains can be seen on the lantern, and it is in flawless condition.

Low-Quality Sky Lanterns Usually:

Do Not Contain a Silica Gel Packet: This helps to absorb any moisture that may be in the lantern. It is essential as it helps to dry out the paste once the sky lanterns have been made. In the event that silica gel packets are excluded, you can hope to discover form in the lantern, the lantern adhering to different pieces of the lantern and furthermore stamps where moisture has in and harmed the lantern.

Use Paper That is a Lot More Slender: This is critical. The littler the molecule, the more warmth escapes out the sky lanterns. A ton of the awful press that has been said about lanterns comes down to well-being viewpoints where individuals state. That the lantern is returning while the energy unit is as yet lit. It comes down to the paper. On the off chance that the report is thick, it can hold heat much better, as the sky lantern gets higher, the weights noticeable all-around change and on lower quality lanterns, the lantern begins to buoy down (with the fire still lit). On a more top quality lantern, the sky lantern will keep on ascending until the flame has worn out. At exactly that point will it come back to the ground.

Can Contain Asbestos: It’s recently come to our attention that some cheaper products on the market contain asbestos in the eco-string element. Standard tests can not distinguish asbestos, and a particular examination must be taken to see if an item has asbestos in. The sort of asbestos found in numerous kinds of lights is Chrysotile which is a type of white asbestos. You can’t generally tell rapidly if a lamp contains asbestos, so in case you’re retailing skylights. You ought to request an assurance from your provider that the sky lamps you are selling are without asbestos.

Can Be Harmed: Cheaper flights can be damaged in two different ways. Some lights will have some stains on (like the photograph appeared over), this is visual harm. What’s more, even though it isn’t perfect, the light could, at present, be utilized. Different lamps can be tore because of the paste staying two pieces of the paper together. It implies that the light is rendered futile and ought not to be utilized under any conditions.

The Fuel Cell And String

Sky Lanterns

The photo above from one of our lanterns is an excellent example of better packaging. Each fuel cell has a protective cover around it to guarantee that the paper isn’t harmed by whatever may rub off the fuel cell. It is conceivable that when the sky lanterns are in travel, they will be presented to various temperatures. By covering the fuel cell, we have disposed of the issue of accepting lanterns where the paper is harmed because of fluid or substances falling off the fuel cell.

Each light is likewise bundled with a silica gel parcel which expels dampness from the sky lamp. This works with both the paper and the fuel cell and implies that you get a dry light without any scents when it is opened. The string being used here is entirely degradable, incredible, and doesn’t consume. It ensures that the lamp’s fuel cell is secure and won’t fall off.

Thinking back to less expensive sky lanterns, you will find that occasionally the fuel cell is verified by wire. Wired sky lanterns aren’t universal any longer as the business took a transition to more eco-accommodating choices. While there is not much with the wire lanterns as far as holding the fuel cell set up, they aren’t as useful for the earth. What’s more, the subsequent litter is viewed as a peril to creatures.

The main issue to look out for when purchasing an eco lantern is the quality of the string. As explained in the sections above, the series in some sky lanterns have been found to contain asbestos. It is an illicit substance in the USA, UK, CA, and exceedingly terrible for any individual who ingests it. While the exact amount of asbestos is pitiful in the string, it’s a substance that shouldn’t be in the lantern, and you shouldn’t deal with lanterns that contain it.

When looking at the string, you should ensure it is sufficiently able to hold the energy unit. There are heaps of various types of series out there which bolster the power module, and they run in thickness and quality significantly. If all else fails, you should hold a lighter to the string before propelling to check whether it consumes with extreme heat. The exact opposite thing you need is for the power module to tumble from the sky and harm someone who is looking up!

That brings me onto my last point, which is in regards to the real cosmetics of the energy component. If you look at the photographs beneath, you’ll see some of the numerous kinds of power module accessible for sky lanterns.