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  • Metal
  • Imported
  • Complete length- 5 5/8 inches, Blade length- 2 5/16 inches.
  • Drop point edge.
  • Karambit Knife blade quality- AUS-8A stainless steel blade.
  • The hardness of steel- 57-59 HRC.
  • Includes a black handle and sheath.

Product Description:

In extreme close-quarter encounters where a suspect is attempting to take an officer’s handgun or an officer cannot access his handgun, the TDI karambit knife is available as a “last option” karambit knife. When worn on the pant belt, the entire unit – karambit knife and sheath – is well concealed—designed by John Benner, founder, and owner of the Tactical Defense Institute. 2-1480-6 Features: -Blade type: Plain. -Include glass-filled nylon sheath.

Drop point blade. -Non-reflective black coated blade. Product Type: -Pocket Karambit Knife/Specialty. Blade Shape: Convex/Curved/Straight-Edged. Quantity: -Single. Generic Dimensions: -1. 5\” H x 4. 25\” W x 8. 38\” D, 0. 6 lb. Dimensions: Overall Length – Top to Bottom: -1. 5 Inches. Overall Width – Side to Side: -4. 25 Inches. Overall Product Weight: -0. 6 Pounds.

Look For In Ka-Bar Karambit Knife

There is a variety of features that you need to look for when considering which Ka-Bar karambit knife is the best one for you. There are numerous to such an extent that it might seem a bit overpowering from the outset, however by isolating each component into littler segments, we have attempted to settle on this choice procedure as straightforward as could be expected under the circumstances. Various individuals have various needs for different blades, and it might be that what you need isn’t what another person is looking for. You realize yourself better than we do, and you recognize what you need in a karambit knife, so here are the most widely recognized features that individuals look for when they need to buy a Ka-Bar karambit knife.

Edge Material/Design

The kind of cutting edge will effectively affect the pleasure and adequacy of your karambit knife, so consider what you will utilize the karambit knife for. Some cutting edge materials are more sturdy than others, so if you intend to use this karambit knife in extreme circumstances, at that point, think about this. Besides, picking a serrated versus straight edge will influence the simplicity of cleaning and honing, so remember that.

Cutting Edge Length

The length of the sharp edge influences how well the karambit knife adjusts. Excessively short, a module won’t be valuable in cutting, while too long an advantage will make it trying to deal.

Blade Grind

The blade grind means the angle at which the blade is sharpened. There needs to be a balance between the edge of the karambit knife blade and its sharpness to be completely dynamic. Be that as it may, this can be adjusted when you hone the blade yourself.


Nobody needs to haul around something that burdens them one side, fundamentally through the forested areas, as it can exhaust you snappier than you may suspect. A significant number of the Ka-Bar knives are lightweight, so locate the correct one for you.

Toughness – To forestall purchasing another karambit knife blade each other year or something like that, quality is essential. Ka-Bar knives are broadly durable, however, guarantee that you deal with it ourselves, as well.

Karambit Knife Mini Buying Guide

Before you can purchase the best karambit knife for the money, there are some essential aspects to consider. Here are some noteworthy ones:

Blade Material

The karambit knife isn’t merely a decorative knife. It has usefulness and can use in a full scope of circumstances, from hunting to camping. Therefore, it needs to have a sharp blade that won’t break and can likewise be honed no problem at all.

The best sort of material for a karambit knife blade is hardened steel. This material is intense, won’t rust, and is moderately simple to hone with any knife sharpener accessible available. Best, it very well may be utilized outside as it is completely weatherproof and waterproof, which is perfect for hunting or camping purposes.

Moreover, with regards to the blade of the karambit knife, some makers decide to cover it with an energetic shading to make it all the more stylishly satisfying.

Blade Length

The blade length will rely for the most part upon your needs and reason. For open-air exercises like camping or hunting, it is commonly better to go with a karambit knife that has a long blade of at any rate 4 inches or more long. A more extended edge implies that you need to apply less strain to play out a cut.


One distinction the karambit knife has over the regular knife is its handle grooves. Those grooves are there to accommodate your fingers and make it much more agreeable to hold. About the handle, the thickness is likewise essential. All in all, if you have critical and considerable hands, you might need to go with a model that is then 6 mm for the handle.

Moreover, a few makers use fiberglass in the handle, which is known to be genuinely sturdy and dependable material. It likewise feels perfect close by.


Obviously, as indulgent as it may sound, a great deal of what makes the karambit knife such a virus knife is its exquisite looks. Most makers join a lot of stylish highlights like grooves, edges, or unordinary hue to make their model stand apart from contenders. Try not to stop for a second to pick a model that looks incredible and requests to you.

Protrusion Ring

Practically all karambit knife has a protrusion ring toward the end. As its name proposes, it is there with the goal that you can embed your finger and control the karambit knife utilizing your finger as a rotate. It is a helpful and functional method for using the karambit, which makes it such a cool and exciting knife to utilize.

When searching for a model, guarantee that the protrusion ring is appropriately measured and not oversized as a protrusion ring that is too huge makes it trying to control the karambit knife.


Ensure that the manufacturers ship your karambit knife with accessories like a sheath for safe storage and lanyard for accessibility. You should also ensure that those accessories are quality accessories and an extraordinary sort of accessories.

Moreover, a few manufacturers even consolidate—a knife sharpener with the karambit knife for all the more value for money. Regardless, the more accessories, the better.

Karambit Knife Laws

A karambit knife purchasing guide without addressing laws is like making a flame-broiled cheddar sandwich with no spread. It’s only not as high.

Karambit knife is at present directed at the state level, which implies there is a great deal of differing laws around the nation. A few states direct Karambit knife by the kind of knife they are and others manage by blade size. Look into the prerequisites for your state. That will be your safest wagered before purchasing.

Length of the Blade/Knife

Most units have a blade with 3 inches of length. It interprets that a karambit knife will be 5-6 inches in absolute length. These models are the most well known of all. Consider a unit that meets the laws in your state or the nation. By and large, a karambit knife under 3 inches of blade length isn’t considered as a weapon.

The protrusion ring enhances the stability and the grip of the handle. You will have the option to utilize it better, complete various missions, and you will have the opportunity to maintain the grip under a ton of weight. The ring is compulsory on the off chance that you need to perform unusual moves or deceives with the karambit knife. While picking your optimal protrusion ring, ensure it is comfortable to utilize, and it is large enough for your fingers.

Cutting Edge Shading

Nowadays, you can have the best karambit knife in any shading you need. You may realize that these blades command the world with regards to the splendor of an edge. You can have it in dark, silver, rainbow hues, or even some different tints.

Shading decision is up to you. There are no distinctions in the compound of the metal or the handle quality, and paying little heed to which shading you pick, you will get a similar rundown of advantages. Additionally, we suggest units with a flexible and robust tone.

Belt Clip

You need a belt clip on your karambit knife, and there is an obvious explanation behind that. A belt clip permits you to convey the cutting edge consistently and to keep it inside simple reach. Most models accompany this expansion, yet a few units don’t. If you pick one of them, you have to think about the following element.


You may accept that a karambit knife is anything but difficult to combine with a sheath. You can pick and discover a unit that coordinates your criteria on the money. It isn’t the situation. As a general rule, finding the sheath that coordinates your sharp edge is just about an unthinkable assignment.

Most of these knives are unique and have different blades, so you need to find a precise sheath, a complicated task to be straightforward. That is, the reason for getting a unit with the sheath remembered for the bundle is a higher priority than you may accept.


The rope generally situated on the sheath, and it permits you to heft the blade around your neck or the abdomen. Remember that only a bunch of models available have it. In any case, you can include a rope at some random minute. It ought to be produced using manufactured because of solidarity and moderateness. You can even match the blade with a chain produced using steel, silver, or other metal.


The karambit is a delightful blade that also looks unique. In any case, aside from the appealing generally speaking appearance, it is also a handy apparatus that you can use for a variety of applications from self-defense to gutting fish and cleaning creatures when hunting.applications.

Our top pick or the best karambit knife for the cash is the Xtreme MX-8140BT by MTech USA. While it isn’t the least expensive thing on the rundown, it originates from one of the most legitimate blade makers. The generally little sharp edge and handle make it simple to disguise. In any case, despite everything performs very well for a variety of applications, from self-defense to chasing, and it will also be handy for a survivalist.