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  • PATENT PENDING: The HEX high altitude mask is a US patent-pending product designed to strengthen your breathing muscles and respiratory system. It will help improve your anaerobic capacity, VO2 max, peak power outputs, and lung capacity to give you better performance, which means better results.
  • ”DO YOUR JOB”: Each Mask is created with medical-grade silicone that reduces the risk of slipping and sliding on your face. The high altitude mask sleeves are stretchable, moisture-wicking, and include two adjustable velcro strap points to enable a perfect fit to your face.
  • INTENSITY LEVELS: The HEX Mask focuses on four levels of – hypoxic intensity – (Low, Advanced, Elite, and Ultimate) to eliminate unnecessary 16 and 32 degrees of latitude. We’ve combined those levels into four concentrations to simplify your workouts. For getting started, we recommend the LOW level for your first three workouts to get used to the high altitude mask and experience breathing and training with the air supply resistance.
  • READY WHEN YOU ARE: The HEX Mask is ready-to-use straight out of the box and is extremely user-friendly. It is compact and lightweight to reduce any movement during exercise, so you receive all the benefits of the Respiratory Resistance System.
  • ONE TEAM, ONE DREAM: Order now and receive our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Product Description:

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK !!! The HEX high altitude mask (HM) is a training device that limits your air supply. On the off chance that you have any known medical condition including yet not constrained to hypertension, diabetes, any cardiovascular issue, coronary illness, if you are taking any physician endorsed prescriptions or on the off chance that you smoke consistently. It will be ideal if you counsel your primary care physician before using the HM to guarantee that you are sufficiently solid to deal with the high altitude mask. If you believe you are not an inadequate condition to utilize this training device, PLEASE DO NOT DO SO. Try not to use the high altitude mask for expanded periods regardless without the earlier consent of your primary care physician or doctor. Try not to prepare in extraordinary warmth or high elevation when wearing the high altitude mask.

Try not to prepare without an accomplice when using the HM. Try not to lay down with the HM on. Try not to utilize the HM on the off chance that you are adversely affected by elastic or silicone. The HM is certifiably not a medical item. By choosing to use this device, you acknowledge that you are using the willfully, and you fully agree to discharge NESIAN SPORTS from all obligation identified with wounds that may happen during use, including extreme and deadly injuries.

You likewise fully agree to hold NESIAN SPORTS completely liberated from any money related duty regarding potential harms caused, paying little heed to how and the reasons why the wounds may have happened. You agree to relinquish all rights to bring a claim against NESIAN SPORTS in any way, shape, or form. By choosing to utilize this device, you acknowledge that you know about the risks included using the HM. NESIAN SPORTS won’t be liable for your choice to use this training device. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK !!!

High Altitude Mask Mini Buying Guide

There are a few factors that trainers and pro-athletes look for before buying a high altitude mask. We will go through most of them. High altitude mask has gained a lot of steam in the training scene as the free weights of the lungs. For this guide, we looked over a vast amount of surveys, from the cyclist, sprinters, and trainers all in all. We additionally checked for high altitude mask and dug into the advantages of these lung hand weights.

High Altitude Mask Audits 

Our exploration of high altitude mask uncovered that most high altitude masks were utilized during high height training and housed either 4, 8, or 16 obstruction levels. For the most part, audits help us with a rule, uncovering what most clients need in a training mask and what disappeared in a product.

For the products, we evaluated we picked fluctuating degrees of opposition, which incorporate 6, 16, and 24. Most reviewers noticed that masks with changing degrees of obstruction helped them alter their exercise. In any case, the Base Camp mask was the central mask we explored that had no opposition level. However, it was additionally the most reasonable.

We likewise discovered that most reviewers favored two strapped masks as opposed to the one tie masks. Aside from the Sparthos Work Out Mask, the remainder of the covers we surveyed were two strapped, which are exceptionally appraised by specialists as the ideal non-slip masks to have during extreme exercises.

High Altitude Mask Brand

Unlike most workout tools and materials, running masks are not yet mainstream. We found out that while several people use them, they are generally offered to proficient competitors and highly talented trainers. In this way, we didn’t expect perceived stores like Adidas, or Nike to have them. Be that as it may, most makers explicitly manage the creation of high altitude masks, which have been investigated by most trainers as top quality.

It implied our alternatives were very restricted. We included a blend of more seasoned and more up to date brands that have been tried and attempted by workout comrades. At that point, we verified their items to figure out which of them was the best to pick.


The materials utilized in a training mask are necessary, in some cases affecting an extraordinary bit of training gear and an unfeasible device you wish you hadn’t purchased in any case. For instance, when you work out, you sweat, and if your mask is made of materials that don’t help to wick dampness or keep a cozy fit, you could lose the seal that forestalls your spread correctly acclimated to your face.

Not exclusively will this be counterproductive to why you are wearing your mask since it restrains the capacity of the cover to work correctly, yet it is likewise irritating? Would you be able to envision tinkering with your mask on different occasions all through your workouts to guarantee it is fitting and fixing correctly? It’s not likely you are going to continue utilizing it you’re burning through your time messing around with it.

We looked at masks that were flexible, permeable, and had high moisture-wicking properties to ensure once you get your cover on the seal and arrangement will remain in where you need it to be. We likewise looked for masks that we’re made of materials that are antimicrobial and simple to clean. Materials that are anything but difficult to clean for some, a lot increasingly future use makes your cover work the best for you and gets microscopic organisms far from touchy territories like your face and mouth.


On the off chance that you are expressly preparing because you will be practicing or contending at a high height, you would prefer not to just depend on utilizing a preparation veil alone to help condition your body for that adjustment in rising. Preparing masks just breaking point your wind stream and don’t recreate the entirety of different alterations hypoxic (low oxygen) and high-height conditions can have on your body.

You ought to get ready yourself and work your timetable with the goal that you can show up sooner than sufficiently expected, about fourteen days before to allow your body incomplete acclimatization capacity. At that point, you can get some preparation in and perceive how you can act in the real condition. It will assist you with bettering make sense of how to direct your physical action and force with your environment.

High Altitude Mask Price

We recognize that a lot of consumers are meticulous about what they pay for products, so the price is a significant consideration for us. However, to get the best price cites, we needed to guarantee that the highlights and qualities of the products gave a functioning match to their expenses. While the price was a significant factor, we additionally thought about worth and worth.

Dissimilar to other workout gears, high altitude mask is inconceivably reasonable. The more significant part of the products in our guide was inside the price scope of $12 to $50. For high altitude mask, the price didn’t liken quality. The vast majority of the less expensive spreads would be wise to highlights and more opposition levels than the profoundly priced gears. At last, we comprehend that nobody needs to spend such a lot of cash on a training mask that doesn’t satisfy everyone’s expectations.

Advantages Of High Altitude Mask

The following are a portion of the benefits that you remain to get from the utilization of high altitude mask.

Center Fortifying

If you’re into weightlifting or some cross it training, you’ll see this is to be an absolute necessity have. Lifting overwhelming loads require building continuance and a more grounded center. With a more grounded center, you can build up a superior stance and improve your workout effectiveness. High altitude mask can assist you with accomplishing these with regular use, and the sky is the limit from there.

By utilizing them for your training, you will have the option to improve your stomach, the muscle found right underneath your lungs, which shapes the establishment of your waist. A more strong stomach implies you can take in more air. Along these lines, at whatever point you’re holding your breath, you can make higher weight and upgraded solidness.

Higher Stamina

A training mask can improve your perseverance by fortifying your lungs. It will support your profitability with both vigorous and anaerobic exercises by helping you become more oxygen-proficient with your body. If you can supply a lot of oxygen to your muscles, at that point, you can build your stamina and workout more successfully for significantly more.