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Essential Oil Set

Essential Oil Set

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  • THERAPEUTIC GRADE ESSENTIAL OIL SET: Natrogix Bliss holds nine (9) painstakingly extracted essential oils. Used alone (external use only), or combined in exquisite sensory recipes, these oils breath fresh relaxation, joy, and healing into any environment.
  • THE PERFECT COMBINATION: Natrogix Bliss contains the nine most popular essential oils on the planet. These oils are popular for a reason; their properties are well-known and their unusual effects backed by evidence. Bliss is the perfect gift, starter set, or expansion of a whole collection. Our oils are carefully sourced all over the world.
  • DELICATE OILS PROTECTED: Cradled inside each beautiful box of Bliss are nine 10ml bottles with easy-use droppers. The gold amber tint of the sturdy containers guards the precious, delicate oils against light and UV degradation. All matrix oils are bottled in FDA certified facilities in the US.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY GUARANTEED: We are truly proud of Natrogix Bliss. All nine oils are GC/MS certified, and NO pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, or other additives. Please kindly understand smell is NOT everything about essential oils. Their main job is to be absorbed into our system by breathing and through skin absorption, to promote health and wellbeing. Some oils smell “chemical” because of containing 100% natural chemicals form the plant such as alcohols, aldehydes, esters, ketones, etc.
  • FREE RECIPE E-BOOK: We’ve created 200 custom recipes for your Natrogix Bliss set, and you get the book free with today’s purchase. Discover soul lifting combinations that will intrigue you at first… and then become something you can’t live without!

Item Description:

We are truly proud of Natrogix Bliss, sourced in the USA. Natrogix Bliss holds nine (9) painstakingly extracted essential oils – the nine most well known essential oils on the planet.

Supported Inside Each Delightful Box Of Bliss Are Nine 10ml Jugs With Single-Use Droppers.

We’ve made “The Complete Guide to Using Aromatherapy Essential Oils.” No issue whether you are an amateur or as of now know about essential oils, you can adapt significantly more about them. Your life will be all the more fascinating, increasingly gainful, and more advantageous accordingly. Other than the standard mixing, essential oils are likewise useful in fortifying. Your safe framework, As well as supporting your endocrine structure, etc. Find out about Essential Oils by Buying Natrogix Bliss/Nirvana Now!

On the off chance that you are despondent in any capacity with Bliss, in any case by any means, we will eventually resolve your issue.

100% Pure Essential Oils Fully Tested with GC/MS

The exact breakdown of the compound segments in individual oils given to us by GC/MS reports is essential as their concoction cosmetics decides. The vital advantages and security issues of essential oils.

Virtue is Essential for Strength and Security.

We accept essential oils must be unadulterated plant concentrates on having a remedial impact. Debased oils or aroma oils won’t offer significant impressions and may cause hypersensitivities, cerebral pains, and synthetic sensitivities.

All our Essential Oils are Thoroughly Tested with GC/MS.

Natrogix is serious about essential oil security. At Natrogix, each bunch of oil bought from a distiller or merchant is tested with GC/MS. The GC/MS test report for all the Natrogix oils are accessible for the client to check. You can see every essential oil’s GC/MS report by setting off to the digital book page and get the GC/MS report. You can be sure that the Natrogix essential oils you buy will be unadulterated, trustworthy, and present to you the best essential oil benefits.

Carefully Sourcing and Professional Bottling

Natrogix Oils are carefully sourced all over the world. Our sourcing master visited every nation of the birthplace of all 18 oils. After looking at and contrasting, we discovered the best oil for our clients. We knew a few oils possibly not smelling beautiful. However, we accept that they will be beneficial for wellbeing and health. And all oils are packaged in FDA ensured offices in the US.

Fragrance based treatment of Top 9 Essential Oils

  • Lavender Essential Oils: Relieve tension and stress and rest simpler.
  • Tea Tree Essential Oils: Work with the body to release ground-breaking joint mending.
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oils: Relieves weariness and improves innovativeness, alleviate torment, and mends.
  • Frankincense Essential Oils: Diffuse it for a moment feeling of harmony and decency.
  • Lemongrass Essential Oils: When diffused, it brings radiant neatness and purging solace.
  • Lemon Essential Oils: Feel excited and euphoric.
  • Rosemary Essential Oils: For long examination sessions or long-separation drives. Strong of cognizance and memory.
  • Orange Essential Oils: Feel calm certainty and bliss.
  • Peppermint Essential Oils: Eliminate exhaustion and floating musings.

Essential Oil Set Mini Buying Guide

Experience the sharp, cold vapor of tea tree oil mixed with Eucalyptus – clearing your sinuses and opening the areola in your lungs. This blend is strongly recuperating and purifying and is only one of the thousands conceivable with your Natrogix Bliss essential oils set. Natrogix Bliss essential oils are deliberately sourced from natural producers and distillers. Moment subtleties are represented. Even the bundling is a marvel to see (making Bliss the ideal blessing.

Essential oil is refining from the leaves, stems, blossoms, bark, roots, or different pieces of a plant. Not quite the same as engineered aromas, essential oils contain the genuine substance of the plant they were gotten from. Essential oils can regularly be acquired separately or as mixes. The benefit of a combination of unadulterated essential oil is that you can spare from purchasing each oil exclusively.

Instructions to Find a Quality Essential Oil

There are many variables to remember to make sense of whether you’re taking a gander at a quality essential oil. Serena Gold-stein, N.D., suggests doing your exploration on an organization’s site before pulling the trigger on a buy. It’s a decent sign when an organization is prospective about where their materials originate from and have independent investigations directed on their oils.

Ensure the fixing list incorporates the oil itself and possibly a transporter oil, she says. What’s more, she alerts against outsider dealers on Amazon: “If something is altogether less expensive. And it’s through an outsider, now, and again individuals may not generally get precisely what they paid for,” she says. A few dealers of essential oils have been known to include engineered materials, vegetable oils, or less expensive, comparable smelling essential oils, without uncovering the added substances on their names.

Eucalyptus Essential Oils:

Eucalyptus animates. Minty with a touch of honey, Eucalyptus oil relieves exhaustion and enhances creativity, relieves torment and mends. Have a go at adding a couple of drops to a splash container and use it in your shower and take in the mending steam. Feel quiet and revived now with Eucalyptus.

Frankincense Essential Oil:

Since quite a while ago, viewed as a holy oil. The utilization of Frankincense dates to the hour of the Sumerians and Egyptians. Frankincense has a particular hearty. And the sweet fragrance, And is suggested by numerous aromatherapists. Diffuse it for a moment feeling of harmony and respectability.

Lavender Oil:

Lavender is considered the most helpful of every single essential oil. Its significant impacts have been very much recorded the world over. A most loved fixing in acclaimed fragrances, cleansers, and body care items, Lavender is one of the most one of a kind and cherished aromas. Mitigate your tension and stress and rest simpler with Lavender.

Lemongrass Oil:

Lemongrass is perfect, fresh, and empowering. Ideal for massage oils and natural skincare. It gives a sweet astringency inside massage oils and natural skincare. At the point when diffused, it brings radiant neatness and cleaning solace. Wake up the faculties with Lemongrass, the ideal method to begin the day.

Lemon Oil:

Marvelously bright and exceptionally fragrant, Lemon is a purifying oil with endless benefits. Feel enlivened and euphoric. Lemon oil can change your viewpoint and purify your environment. Turn your day around with the intensity of Lemon.

Moroccan Rosemary Oil:

Fortifying. Invigorating. Animating. Moroccan Rosemary is the ideal oil for long examination sessions or long-separation drives. Viewed as the “herb of recognition,” Moroccan Rosemary is steady of discernment and memory. Pinnacle Performance is yours.

Sweet Orange Oil:

Sweet Orange will return you to lovely recollections of smooth early lunches, occasions, family picnics, and necessary, extinguishing refreshments. Fundamentally inspiring, you’ll feel a peaceful certainty and bliss that others can’t resist the urge to take note.

Tea Tree oil:

An incredible therapeutic smell alludes to the one of a kind benefits of Tea Tree Oil. Well known far and wide for its inexplicable medical advantages. Tea Tree Oil can work ponders on skin issues and numerous afflictions. Frequently added to beautifiers and treatments, Tea Tree Oil can work with your body to release ground-breaking joint mending.

Peppermint Oil:

Clear the mist with Peppermint Essential Oil. Smooth Focus and Concentration are yours. Peppermint Oil usually takes you back to the middle and dispenses with exhaustion and floating considerations. Stir your faculties and improve your presentation.