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Earthquake Survival Kit

Earthquake Survival Kit

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  • BUILT TO LAST: Made from 600D Polyester, this first aid earthquake survival kit comes in the most durable bag in its price class. Our giant stainless steel scissors can cut through clothing or seat belts. Forget about flimsy plastic containers that break while under pressure while you travel. What you need on your next outdoor adventure is a dependable earthquake survival kit!
  • COMPACT, LIGHT, AND PORTABLE: This first-aid earthquake survival kit comes with 100 essential life-saving items. It weighs only 1 pound and measures 5.5 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches to fit into your car’s glove box. The MOLLE compatible straps on the back allow the user to wear it on other bags or your belt. Carry it in your backpack, truck, RV, motorcycle, or in hiking & cycling backcountry.
  • WATERPROOF INNER CONTENTS: The bag is water-resistant. All personal items are protected from water in durable zip-top laminate baggies. It means your supplies are safe and secure around any marine or boat environment.
  • ORGANIZATION IS THE KEY TO SURVIVE: Each inner sleeve is labeled according to its function. During stressful situations, all items can found and used, so you are prepared and ready for survival. Afterward, all supplies can be replaced in an orderly fashion. You also have a separate zip pouch for your prescription medication.
  • FDA APPROVED MEDICAL KIT: This kit is FDA approved and has passed the rigorous testing that ensures all items in the bag are safe for you and your family. Whether at home, work, or in your car, make a sure buy from a reputable company with a proven track record of excellence.

Product Description:

Why Trust Surviveware?

At Surviveware, we think preparedness. We live survival, and we breathe first aid. When you are stressed and faced with an emergency, being organized will help you remain quiet. That is the reason every one of our units is collected so you can discover what you need. Our bundles think for you, so you can make a move when time is of the embodiment. We are a small family run organization that has become a trusted brand in the hiking, outdoors and preparedness world. With quality items and care, we guarantee each client gets what they paid for and is treated as a family.

Why Buy This Small First AID Earthquake Survival Kit

  • Housed in a quality 600D polyester circular segment, every one of your provisions is remained careful, and the pack accompanies quality zippers.
  • Each internal sleeve is organized by class. During critical crossroads, find a workable pace of things rapidly. After items are utilized, effectively observe what should be supplanted.
  • We urge individuals to include their things; you have some additional room accessible for your one of a kind necessities.
  • Each person is one of a kind. A pocket isolated from different sleeves will protect your medicine.

The Kit That Does The Thinking For You

The Small First Aid Kit accompanies the correct apparatuses to keep your friends and family protected. Trekking solo? This pack offers adaptability and quality supplies. Are they going to a gathering? Each person ought to have their hardware if they get isolated. Not every person goes arranged, and calamity hits instantly with this pack, you have the correct rigging to meet people’s high expectations and make all the difference.

Earthquake Survival Kit Mini Buying Guide

An earthquake survival kit should have everything your family needs to survive for three days during an evacuation. It should supply all fundamental human needs (nourishment, safe house, and garments), in addition to everything required to enhance these rudiments. In the fallout of a fiasco, the stock of intensity, Water, and gas may not be accessible for about fourteen days. The stores may not be available for purchasing new supplies. Supplies at home should have the option to last at any rate a long time.

It is what You Need to Prepare an Earthquake Survival Kit


Purchase 1 gallon of packaged drinking, Water for every family part. Make sure to keep them fixed and unopened until you need them. For showers and latrine flushing, store faucet water in clean, sterilized plastic compartments. Spread firmly. Store these in a cool, dim spot, away from direct daylight.


Store durable prepared to-eat nourishment. Best to keep are canned meat, vegetables, products of the soil that can be devoured cold right out of the can. Try not to store nourishments that need high temp water before eating like got dried out noodles and cereal. Abstain from keeping salty nourishment like pretzels. These make you parched and will just trade-off your water supply. Different proposals are boxed grain, soft drink wafers, dried out the natural product, and nutty spread.


With all the canned nourishment you have away, make sure you have a manual can opener. Expendable sporks (a blend of spoon and fork) and plates should be in acceptable stock. Incorporate a little pot, charcoal, and a lighter or matches for warming nourishment.

Flashlight and Portable Radio

Lights are essential, especially when the power goes out. You will also need a radio to keep updated with the weather news. Keep battery-worked ones and ensure they are in working condition. There is accessible mix gear of a portable radio with light, and some even with a port for charging cellphones. Store them without their batteries in, yet ensure the cells are in a similar stockpiling territory. Keep another flashlight with cells inside simple access in the house.

Additional Batteries

Since power supply might be cut off during a calamity without confirmation when it very well may be returned, make a point to store a ton of batteries in the right size.

Two-way radios. Continuously keep them charged for permitting correspondence, news, and updates.

Hiking Beds

Tents might be too costly to even think about buying and too substantial also to consider lugging around during a crisis departure. A camping bed for every individual from the family is sufficient to guarantee a warm spot that rests around evening time when compelled to desert your home. Incorporate covers and little cushions.

Additional Clothes

Keep an extra difference in garments put away in a water-verification sack. Remember, clothing and socks. If you live in a chilly atmosphere, comfortable jeans, coats, and boots ought to be incorporated.


Have towels of all kinds and sizes: bath towels, face towels, hand towels, and dish towels. On the off chance that you are hit by the storm, typhoon, flood, day off, hail, you will require sheets to dry.

Earthquake Treatment and Medication

The pack should be a water-verification simple to-convey case with gauzes and anti-infection salves for treating minor injuries. Put in supplies of OTC drugs for treating fever, cerebral pain, looseness of the bowels, fits, and allergies. On the off chance that anybody in the family consumes common professionally prescribed medications, these should consistently be in abundant stockpile in case the drugstore isn’t accessible. For different crises, put in supplies of N95 veils, syringes, and catheters.

Sterile and Hygiene Items

To ease endurance during a calamity, load up on tissue and paper napkins, toothbrushes and toothpaste, feminine napkins and diapers, and cleanser and cleanser. Include chlorine fade for use as a disinfectant. If anybody needs contact focal point arrangement or dental replacement cream, put these in as well.


Keep some essential handy multi-reason tools. At the base, pick one that has scissors, screwdriver, blade, and pincers. There are additionally flexible equipment tools that include a mallet, wrench, hatchet, and saw. Include a whistle, pipe tape, work gloves, and a guide of your territory among these.

Significant Documents

On account of relinquishing your home during a crisis, it is acceptable to have your application documents with you when you leave. Ensure these are in ziplock packs for security and put away in a sack fit to be conveyed whenever. Organic materials to think about deed or rent of your home, visas, birth testaments, protection strategies, verification of address, clinical data, and remedies.

Extra Cash

Your credit cards might not be of any utilization in a disaster-stricken area. Have ready money in case there is a chance to buy supplies.

Extra House and Car Keys

In case you need to abandon your house briefly during a disaster, lock everything, and keep extra keys among the family. It won’t be handy to depend on one set when it can without much of a stretch be lost while climbing during departure. Do likewise for your car keys.

Extraordinary Supplies for Baby, Elderly, or Disabled Member

On the off chance that you have a child or little child, make sure you have your infant supplies like containers, milk recipes, and infant nourishment. For elderly or disabled individuals, remember to pack their strolling stick, portable amplifier, false teeth, food, or medicine.

Diversion Items

On the off chance that you have little youngsters, bring something for their diversion, that is sufficiently little to press in your pack. These might be in any way similar to a bit of box of pastels and shading or action books, a short compact adaptation of a tabletop game like Snakes and Ladders, or a small toy like a car or doll.

Pet Supplies

Pets are a piece of the family as well. On the off chance that your pet is sufficiently fortunate to have the option to clear with you, bring your pet’s supplies. Gather a sack with a nourishment bowl, pet nourishment, chain or carrier, and recognizable proof.

A crisis endurance unit ought to consistently be a water-verification holder with a handle or handles that make it simple to carry around. The rundown looks long and may appear to be beyond any reasonable amount to bring. Pressing them ought to be finished with care to make sure they fit in sacks and compartments the family can carry while strolling.

First-Aid Items

First aid items are the most important things which your earthquake survival kit must-have. It will ensure the recovery of small medical issues, and it can even spare your life. Indeed, even minor contamination that isn’t managed appropriately can turn into a massive problem for you. You must have all the original first aid items in your survival kit. It incorporates gauzes, scissors, sewing items, tweezers, security pins, sterile gloves, and so forth.

Items Related to Shelter

When you are moving someplace, having shelter is the most important thing. So for that, you need all the subtleties required for making a shelter in your earthquake survival kit. You must have a lightweight tent, a small cover, canvases, and cordages, and so forth. So with all these items, you can make a decent shelter, which will improve your excursion.

Items Related to Food

Food is a need. You need it after a standard interim of time. When you are moving or voyaging, it is critical. You require more food, especially when you are on a climb or doing some other work movement. You must have the essential food items in your survival kits with the goal that your yearning may not divert you.

First of all, you must have a water bottle. The other food items include fruits, beans, dry cereal, dry fruits, nutty spread, snacks, sugar, treats, cakes, and so on.

Vehicle Earthquake Survival Kit

Presently, on the off chance that you are going in a car or some other vehicle, at that point, you must have a vehicle survival kit. Assume that your vehicle stuck somewhere, for example, a dust storm, or it stalls somewhere in the center of your excursion. At that point, you will require your vehicle earthquake survival kit.

Your earthquake survival kit must contain coolant, oil, screenwash, and some screws, and so forth with the goal that they may be helpful during your excursion if your car breakdown. Tow ropes, jumper cables are likewise helpful. Jumper cables are necessary such that they can cause you to go the correct way.

On the off chance that a circumstance emerges that you are not ready to move than a scoop device, and a stove and hand-carry cover will be helpful to get by until the time help shows up.


So these are some of the best and the most critical data about the items which can help you in better survival. On the off chance that you are stuck in an irregular spot.

This article additionally includes things that would be perfect for your self-protection while you are stuck in some obscure spot. All the data here will give you appropriate knowledge about the things which you have to consider while going on a hazardous excursion.

We, as a whole, know that things only matter if you are alive, so you should take all the precautions while going on a dangerous endeavor. You have to take appropriate earthquake survival kits with all the self-preservation items that can help if the circumstance gets unpleasant at wherever during your excursion. So these are the absolute best and the most awesome earthquake survival kits and articles accessible in the market.

These are the ones that can help you in expanding your odds of survival on the off chance that you are stuck in some remote spot and no place to go. I am sure you will cherish all the substance of this article from the degree of your heart. It is because everything here is given efficiently and appropriately to assist you with picking the best items from the market. I trust that all the data right now help you inside and out. Be that as it may, on the off chance that there is as yet something left drunk. At that point, don’t hesitate to ask us anything.