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Price history for ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness with 2X Metal Buckle,Working Dog MOLLE Vest with Handle,No Pulling Front Leash Clip,Hook and Loop for Dog Patch (L (28"-35" Girth), Coyote Brown)
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  • 2x METAL BUCKLE: 2 x Metal Buckle (1000 lb Proof-Load Test ) on Dog Shoulder Position which the most Load Bearing Point When Dog Pulling, 2 x POM buckle (250 lb Proof-Load Test ) on belly Position; Sewing by Bartack and X in Box Pattern on Each Joint and Heavy load Point.
  • CUSTOM- FIT: No Rub As well as Escape-proof; Harness was designed by Putting 2 Individual Components Together, Offer 4 Position Adjustable ( Shoulder, Chest ), Free adjust Properly; Make Sure This Harness is Fit Well to Your Dog.
  • NO PULL/SAFETY CONTROL: Connect a leash to No pull front clip, redirect the forward dog motion and make dog’s leg off the ground, Allow you to Control the puller with few efforts and to train your dog to walk beside you; Back Leash Clip for well-trained dog normal Walking; Durable Handle is Sewn Tough and Large Enough to Grab the Harness Quickly and Easily When Walking in Crowd, Also Lift Your Dog When Getting in/out of the Car
  • HANDS-FREE CARRYING: Two 1″ Strips of Molle Sewn Onto Both Side, Allow Your Dog to Carry Gear in Training / Daily Walking/Adventure Hiking, it Compatible with Molle /PALs Pouch, You Can Also Hook Dog Bowl, Water Bottle and Toy Through D shape Carabiner (No included)
  • DOG IDENTIFIED:Three 1″ Strips of Hook and Loop Panel Sewn onto Both in the Formation of MOLLE(size in Small :3″x4.5″ ; Medium :3″x6″ ;Large/X-large/XX-Large :3″x7.5″ ); One Strip of loop panel Sewn Along the Back of harness with different wide in each size ( Small: 2″ ; medium/Large:3″ ;X-large/XXL:4″);One Square Loop panel Sewn-on The Front Chest (Size in small:2″x2″ ; Medium/Large/X-large:2″x4″ ; XX-Large:3″x4″) ,You Can Attach Many Patch to Identify Your Dog.

Product Description:

ICEFANG is a lot related to the OneTigris dog armor vest but that this baby comes with a design that is evocative of the tactical coat worn by Special Ops administrators around the globe. Extra-enormous clasps and full lashes secure the completely cushioned panels of the ICEFANG, guaranteeing optimum security while also ensuring comfort for your pet. How this gigantic dog armor is designed guarantees, there will be no piece of the cap that accidentally rubs against your pet’s body, ensuring it has optimum comfort while doing its different undertakings. Like every tactical vest, the ICEFANG comes with 4 MOLLE panels, two on each side of the seat kind of dog armor. Legitimately meriting a spot in our best dog armor list, and the ICEFANG is ideal for the heavyweights of the average workers of dogs.

The tactical no-pull armor by Icefang is unequivocally designed for an enormous variety of dogs. It includes a substantial clasp framework that keeps the protective cap firmly made sure about and makes the shield progressively comfortable to put on and take off. The armor is ideal for huge varieties that do not rope prepared and will in general force, and it’s also accessible at a sensible cost.

Dog Armor Mini Buying Guide

Choosing the perfect dog armor for your dog is a crucial task. It depends upon numerous characteristics and how those characteristics affect your pooch and you. So before you settle on which armors to go with, take a look at our itemized purchaser’s manual to assist you with choosing the best for your dog. Do remember that by following these rules, you may have a superior possibility of purchasing the perfect armors for your dog. However, these rules are general and do roll out vital improvements according to your little guy’s need.

What are the Best Armors for Dogs

As referenced before, a ton of things set up to make perfect dog armor. Dog armor that is strong, agreeable, successful, yet a la mode enough to beat the others. So what characteristics make a dog armors the whole dog armor for your pooch? Let us take a more inside and outlook.

Size Matters

In case you’re purchasing your dog armor internet, getting the size right is basic. You have to gauge up behind his front legs and around the middle so you can get a precise thought of the periphery. It is known as the circumference, regularly likewise inexactly alluded to as the chest size.

Many dog armorers have neck openings. Measure this up as well. Dogs are often resistant to this type of treatment. On the off chance that your canine is not obedient enough to remain in the stand position, enlist the assistance of someone to quiet and steady him as you get those vital measurements. Since most dog armor comes in a stupefying scope of sizes, you should easily have the option to discover something that fits the bill.

Type of Dog Armors

There are a Variety of Different Styles of The Dog Armors At your Disposal:

  1. Customary Armors: With adjustable straps, these dog armors fold over your dog’s torso above and underneath his front legs. Occasionally, you’ll get a new belt circling the stomach. You attach your leash to the head of this standard dog armor.
  2. Easy-On Dog Armors: If speed is of the essence, the snappy release clasps on these armors are perfect. The downside is that this style is commonly lightweight. Reconsider if you have an increasingly monster or progressively aggressive dog.
  3. Step-In Dog Armors: With straps around the front legs, the name shows obviously how your dog gets into this dog armor. Since the leash connects to the head of the step-in style, this minimizes any opportunity of gagging.
  4. Vest Armors: The vast majority of your dog’s torso will be enclosed with this type of dog armor. A vest armor works best with smaller dogs.

A Snug Fit

It’s essential that the dog feels comfortable in its dog armors as he might need to wear it for a more extended period. For the dog to be such relaxed in his dog armor, a snug fit is a must. The vast majority of the brands provide a lash pulling framework to guarantee a legitimate fit. Do remember to have a decent number of such alteration focuses. In any case, a snug fit doesn’t imply that dog armor just sticks with the dog’s body. It must provide a legitimate hole for your dog to move. So go for a serenely fitting dog armor.

Effortlessness of Cleaning

Numerous dogs love to settle. Indeed, even the individuals who don’t go frantic when taking a gander at soil and mud. So it is anything but an amazing that the dogs are going to pursue the things that captivate them. The dogs are going to get filthy, as are their armor. Therefore, it is essential to purchasing dog armor that is easy to clean. Ensure that the shield is machine launderable. Since handwashing, a dog armor can squander a great deal of your end of the week napping hours.

Including, do search for easy to clean materials. A ton of components that ingest the dampness wind up, keeping the fluid stains until the end of time. Likewise, do watch out for the highlights on the armor. That might make the cleaning and the washing extreme. Since clearly, you don’t need your dog to wear a filthy protective cap and ruin his coolness!

Compatibility with Dog’s Movement

When you buy a dog armor for your pooch, it is essential that the dog feels relaxed and comfortable moving around. Regularly, individuals wind up purchasing a dog armor that just fits the dog. Such a tight fit makes the dog uneasy while walking and running.

Sometimes, the closures of the dog armor, most presumably a lock-in clasp or a velcro, open up while on a walk or during some other action. It is because the fasteners are there to ensure the fitting of the armor, not to make him walk like a manikin with tight clothes. In clear terms, do buy ahead protector that has a snug fit and fit it on the dog’s body such that the dog gets enough space to move.

Taking Care of Comfort

A decent dog armor does comfort the dog as well as gives the handler the capacity to handle the dog effectively. For instance, the shield with no draw highlight allows the driver to control the hard puller dogs from chasing pesky squirrels. In this situation, on the off chance that you can’t handle the dog effectively; at that point, there is no reason for investing in a dog armor.

Another focus should be on the leash. Many brands provide a strap that is size adjustable. Using this, you might have the option to change. The length while on a walk and keeping in mind that on the run. A dog that wants to pull proprietor, some of the time causes to damage their watchman’s shoulder and arm muscles. For this, there are exceptionally structured leashes available with jolt safe spring. This spring ingests the shake only equivalent to a jumper in the motorbike does and, in this way, spares the handler from muscle damage.


Many dogs are exceptionally excitable and think that its difficult to sit for any length of time. The less dutiful your dog, the more you should focus on getting a dog armor. You can slip on and off object free. Step-in or simple on dog armors work a treat, and you’ll have your dog locked in twofold fast. The drawback is that the fit isn’t precisely so cozy, so your dog might wind up pulling out of the dog armor.

The Correct Fit

Your dog armor needs to fit your puppy impeccably; else, you’ll be left with an exceptionally uncomfortable dog! On the off chance that you have a little dog or a doggy, pick a comfortable little dog armor. Similarly, if you own a medium or large dog, choose a protected, no-pull head protector in medium, large or extra-large size. Make sure to quantify your dog’s neck and chest before requesting a specific model.

Secure Connection

Just like the right fit factor, you should look out for dog armor for dogs that will keep your dog’s first leash to the dog armors using the secure connection points. Note that there are two associating dog armor types; the front-clip and back-clip. The front clip armor is more suitable for medium and smaller dogs, as well as puppies. The back-clip dog armor, then again, is perfect for more significant and more fiery breeds who will, in general, pull on the leash when energized powerfully.


There’s no circumventing this – cost is an essential factor when shopping for pet products. And keeping in mind that it’s commonly visible that more expensive dog armor is more sturdy and secure, this is not always the situation. In case you’re on a limited spending plan, don’t despair – there are numerous inexpensive, however reliable products out there. You should simply give close consideration to the construction materials as well as item reviews.

Cushioned for Comfort

A decent dog armor should be cushioned on its inside side as this helps forestall skin irritations and hide the loss. Additional cushioning is also essential in case your dog decides to pull on its dog armor, as this prevents any discomfort and feelings of tightness.


To ensure your dog’s chest armor lasts a good while, choose models made of durable materials, texture, and equipment included. You can also visit online stores to check reviews for best dog armor. At that point, choose the one others have tested to be best. Moreover, you can ask your vet or friends who own dogs and use shields for suggestions.


Go for materials that can be easily kept in good condition, without an excessive amount of stress on your end. Dog armor that is machine washable is the best wagered. In any case, armor that requires minor handwashing and drying could be considered as well.