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  • INNOVATIVE: 2In1 design combines 130ft/40m laser distance measure and 16ft/5m AutoLock digital tape measure.
  • INSTRUMENT: Smooth Single-Button operation provides quick and comfortable long-distance laser measurements & Feet to Metric unit switch.
  • PRECISION: Fractional & continuous measurements displayed on a large LCD screen are accurate to ±1/16 inch – Up to 130ft/40m.
  • COMFORTABLE: Anti-skid high impact rubberized ABS case, AutoLock tape mechanism, 3/4″ dual-sided print scale with a nylon coating and true-zero magnetic hook.
  • FEATURES: Auto-Off technology, Belt clip, Stud center markings, One year warranty, 2*AAA battery, and screwdriver included.

Product Description:

The digital tape measure comes in a 2 out of 1 design that enables it to combine both a distance laser measure and an auto-lock tape measure. It is smooth and straightforward to work with a solitary catch improving flawless outcomes. It measures both the nearby and significant distances viably with no battle—contingent upon your working inclination units, you without much of a stretch switch among feet and measurements.

It is anything but difficult to peruse the qualities from the LCD screen, which are additionally profoundly exact as it has an accuracy of ±1/16 inch. It has a rubber treated ABS case, which guarantees that it doesn’t slide while utilizing. It likewise kills automatically to spare vitality when not being used. You can easily tack it on your belt as it comes with a belt cut.

Digital Tape Measure Mini Buying Guide

Our reviews hopefully have already given you some insight into the features that can make or break a digital tape measure. There are a couple of general characteristics you should focus on getting the best arrangement for your cash when you look for one of these incredible tools.

The first is the connection between range and accuracy. Most digital tape measures have a skill of giving or take 1/8-inch for separations under 50 feet. Various increments to a 1/4-inch between 50 and 100 feet, And rises again to about a large portion of an inch between 100 and 150 feet. In case you will do separates more than 150 feet, you’ll need a spotting plate at the goal you digital tape measure to on the off chance that you need to get any sort of exact measurement.

What is Your Budget?

Even though the cost shouldn’t be the main attractive point when purchasing a laser measure, you should know your budget. There are those digital tape measures that can go as excellent as $500 or more while there are those that can cost just around $50. Presently, consistently pose the inquiry of the amount you are happy to spend on this sort of hardware and your temperament work.

Maybe, on the off chance that you are going to utilize the gadget day by day for your work, at that point, it may be a smart thought to spend on a perfect quality instrument on the off chance that it can give you the capacities that you need.

How to Use a Digital Tape Measure

The best digital tape measure, you just position it on the end of the object whose measurement you need. Turn the gadget on and point the laser, so it strikes something toward the end. This object can be a divider or any target you like. When you have the reason, and laser bar prepared, press the digital tape measure button on your gadget, and it will be digital tape measure the separation.

As should be obvious, the procedure is like an ordinary tape measure, yet as opposed to revealing a tape, you just press a fasten and get an exact measurement. While this is the essential advance, some laser measurers have additional highlights like memory stockpiling so you can store these figures. To get the most extreme execution, allude to your client manager.


Laser measures accompany a wide range of functions, including volume and territory computations, significant distance readings, and the sky is the limit from there. The more administrations a laser measure has, the more you will get from it.

However, a large number of these functions are more applicable to those individuals who intend to utilize the laser measure often. For any individual who is merely getting one for periodic home improvement assignments, at that point, there’s likely no compelling reason to spend extra on extra functions that you may never utilize.


It’s effortless to misread the measuring results when using traditional digital tape measures. However, with a high-quality laser measure, you will have the option to get more accurate results. Not all laser measures are made the equivalent.

Some are more accurate than others. So if extreme exactness is imperative to your undertaking, at that point, you might need to pick a device with 1/32 inches accuracy. One with 1/16 inches will accomplish for carpentry, development, DIY work, etc. Simply remember that the more exact the model, the more costly it will be.

Display and Visibility

A display that is anything but difficult to peruse will spare you a great deal of time and dissatisfaction. Make sure that the digital tape measure you use has a backdrop illumination to make it simple for you to see initially what your measurements are. It is a fundamental component since you may need to work during the night or in faintly lit regions, and having a flexible LED display will make things that a lot simpler.


This element identifies with how far your laser measure can reach while as yet giving accurate measurements. Some laser measures are substantial up to 50 feet, while others can go right to 300. The significant thing here is to consider the sort of work you will utilize the laser measure.

For instance, for in-home DIY tasks, a tool measuring between 60 and 100 feet should be more than adequate. However, on the off chance that you want one for proficient use, at that point, you might want to pick one with a span of 200 to 300 feet, potentially significantly more.

Battery Life

Next, since laser measures are compact gadgets, it implies that it will require the utilization of batteries. Besides the number of cells that you will need, attempt to have a thought of what number of measurements can the unit do before the batteries get drained?

It’s very regular for a great deal of laser measure brands to guarantee that the batteries can keep going for 5,000 to 10,000 measurements. It is just a gauge.

Size and Ergonomics

Finally, it is fundamental to think about the size and ergonomic plan of the gadget. Volume is very significant because you don’t want something too gigantic even to consider fitting your pocket. Likewise, you want the laser measure to be ergonomic. Ask these to yourself-Does it offers extra holds? Or, on the other hand, possibly, the catches are not positioned to be unbalanced for your digits? At that point, purchase according to the idea of your work.

Quality and Brand

You want to choose a tool with high-quality construction from a reliable brand. Like this, you ensure that you get a durable laser measure that will serve you well for an extended opportunity to arrive. Without toughness, you may wind up having to ceaselessly supplant your estimating tool if it’s dropped, stepped on, and so forth. Since there’s a high possibility of these kinds of mishaps occurring in your work territory, it’s a smart thought to choose a high-quality, durable laser measure from a famous brand that will have the option to withstand the unavoidable maltreatment.


Considerably in the wake of ticking all the cases, the exact opposite thing you want is to purchase a laser measure just to discover that you can’t utilize it since it’s excessively convoluted. Ensure the laser measure you choose to go with won’t leave you igniting with shame when you can’t make sense of how it functions.

Fortunate for you, the laser measures recorded above are generally clear to utilize, which implies that there won’t be any remorseful returns. Since you know it all, you have to assist you with picking the best laser measure for your necessities, so how about we investigate the principle contrasts between laser measures and conventional measuring tapes.

Highlights To Look For In Laser Measuring Tools

There are a couple of tips that will make it significantly more comfortable and progressively agreeable for you to get the most out of your laser measure. We’ve recorded some of them underneath. Use them to get excessively exact measurements each time you utilize your laser measure.


When looking to buy a digital tape measure tool, you need to look out for the accuracy of the device guarantees. Misreading analysis results is basic when utilizing a customary digital tape measure tape, yet make no misstep; some laser measurement tools are not as precise as others. That is the reason it is fundamental to get measurement tools that ensure the accuracy of up to 1/16 inches. Most laser measurement tools have such a component, albeit other better ones can measure precisely at 1/32.

Utilize a Target

The most straightforward approach to get precise results with the laser measure is consistently to have a reasonable objective. For example, when measuring inside, you can utilize clingy notes, Velcro specks, channel tape, etc. These sorts of articles work extraordinary when measuring short distances. When you’re outside, measuring distances of more than 100 feet in the daylight, there are specific economic intelligent focuses on that you can utilize.

Zoom In

On the off chance that you will be measuring significant distances outside in the light, make sure you utilize your viewfinder. It is because splendid daylight can render the red laser spot invisible, which makes your activity a mess harder. So whenever working in brilliant sunshine, utilize the amplification highlight, which can zoom up to multiple times to help make things simpler for yourself.


Here are the first-class and robust digital tape measure you never need to miss. These advanced digital tape measures are anything but difficult to utilize and give an exact perusing. They are additionally of various lengths, which make them perfect for both short and long measurements. The flexible digital tape measures are likewise suggested for estimating the bends and curves. Other than this, they are tough since they have been developed from a durable material. They are also simple to peruse, and despite being the best singles out the market, they are savvy tools.