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Cooling Body Pillow

Cooling Body Pillow

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  • HEY HOT SLEEPERS: Tired of flipping your pillow over to the cold side throughout the night? It’s time to chill out on the Coolest pillow out there, a pillow designed with cooling fibers that genuinely keeps you cool. Bid farewell to sweaty nights once and for all. You’ll enjoy nothing but peaceful nights ahead!
  • DESIGNED FOR BREATHABILITY: Nestl Cool gel pillow significantly affects regulating head heat and controlling temperature. It continues to regulate your temperature throughout the night, ensuring you stay asleep.
  • IDEAL FOR ALL TYPES OF SLEEPERS: Oeko-Tex certified the definitive mark of excellence for products that are healthy for you and healthy for the environment.
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT AND SUPPORT: Double-sided pillow, featuring cooling ice silk material on one side and soft bamboo rayon on the other side! With adjustable fill. It allows you to adjust the pillow’s height and density by removing or adding foam fill. It will enable you to customize the feel and fit of the pad to your specific needs.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: The pillow cover is removable and machine washable, allowing you to clean spills and stains, as well as remove dust and pet hair. Machine washable bedding is vital for preventing the buildup of skin irritants, dust mites, and allergens, which can keep you from getting the sleep you need!
  • BETTER SLEEP IS OUR GUARANTEE: Every Nestl purchase includes a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. Our #1 goal is to provide you with unparalleled customer service, and we’re only happy if our customers are satisfied. Shop with confidence because no matter what – we’ve got you covered!

Product Description:

Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime? You’ve never felt luxurious comfort like this before! Drift off on a sea of sublime serenity with this hypoallergenic cooling body pillow cradling your head and neck. Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? This excellent cooling body pillow can be yours today! Prepare for the best relaxation of your life as you snuggle into our sumptuously soft shredded memory foam pillow! This sleeping pillow will envelop you in heavenly comfort as it cradles and cushions your head and neck while providing customizable support. Please don’t take our word for it; treat yourself to this heavenly cooling body pillow and let us sweep you off your feet!

Reversible Cooling Body Pillow

Enjoy a customized sleep experience with our double-sided cooling body pillow, featuring cooling ice silk material on one side and soft bamboo rayon on the other side! Silky ice fabric is cool to the touch, perfect for combating unwanted night sweats and provide you with refreshing sleep. Ultra-plush bamboo rayon feels soft on your skin for those cold winter nights so that you can snuggle in for cozy, relaxing sleep.

Gel Infused For A Cooling Effect

Gel-infused shredded memory foam combines the best of both worlds to provide you with the best sleep possible. Memory foam can retain body heat, resulting in a cooling body pillow that is too warm in the middle of the night. Infusing gel into the memory foam fibers solves this issue because the gel stays below your body temperature, providing you with a continuous cooling effect that will help you sleep more peacefully!

Easy Use And Care

The cooling body pillow cover is removable and machine washable, allowing you to clean spills and stains and remove dust and pet hair! Machine wash in cold water. Tumble dry on low and remove promptly.

Cooling Body Pillow Mini Buying Guide

There are a few things you need to consider when looking to buy a cooling body pillow. For instance, a cooling body pillow may feel cold to the touch at first, yet will it keep up a predictable temperature for the duration of the night?. Does the cooling body pillow equally scatter heat, or will you need to flip it? In case you’re inclined to hot glimmers, you need to ensure the cooling body pillow you pick is acceptable at wicking endlessly dampness, helping you remain calm and dry. The best cooling body pillows permit hot sleepers to appreciate a reviving night sans sleep of little warmth or inconvenience.

In this guide, you’ll find out about significant considerations for making the ideal cooling body pillows buy.

What to Consider In A cooling Body Pillow

Numerous sleepers usually sleep hot or warm, and at times, this expansion in temperature can prompt nightlong uneasiness and sleep disturbance. Cooling body pillows can enable individuals to sleep hot or aggravate the issue. Some cooling body pillows are produced using materials that hold significant levels of body heat, which may bring about sleeping hot or warm. In contrast, others have low measures of body heat and sleep moderately quiet by examination. Most cooling body pillows sold today are produced using one of two materials: circulated air through latex; or claim to fame adaptive padding.

In addition to material composition, two other factors regularly assume how hot or cooling body pillow rests. One is inner structure, since cooling body pillows may be created with one vital piece or shredded fill. The subsequent factor is the materials used to make the cooling body pillows spread — explicitly, if any claim to fame materials, “for example, stage evolving material” is utilized. Other contemplations incorporate the sleeper’s weight and temperature inclinations, just as the bedding they use. Peruse on to become familiar with the qualities and shortcomings of cooling body pillows, just as critical contemplations when hoping to make a buy.

Temperature Neutrality

As is not out of the ordinary, most — yet not all — cooling body pillows sold as ‘cooling’ models hold a little body warm and permit sleepers to stay loose and agreeable throughout the night.


Since cooling body pillows are typically made from materials like latex or memory foam, they produce next to zero clamors when bearing weight.


Both memory foam and latex offer above-average help contrasted with other cooling body pillow materials. They conform to the sleeper’s head, neck, and bears and keep up a steady surface throughout the night.

Pain and Pressure Relief

Latex and memory foam can help with the spinal arrangement, which may diminish pain and pressure for sleepers.


Cooling body pillow made from latex or shredded memory foam regularly performs for at any rate three to four years, which is viewed as an above-average life expectancy.


Cooling body pillow made from latex or shredded memory foam can be thick and, to some degree, substantial, gauging more than five pounds sometimes. It may make it hard to move and modify during the night for individual sleepers.

Odor Potential

Latex is connected with a lingering rubbery smell “latex comes from rubber trees,” while mind foam regularly creates solid off-gassing odors.

Hypersensitivity Potential

Latex cooling body pillows may trigger latex hypersensitivities in individual sleepers, contingent upon how much regular latex is utilized. At the same time, memory foam may draw in dust bugs that can prompt different hypersensitivities.


Destroyed memory foam cooling body pillows may need to be fluffed or shaken naturally to keep up a full shape. Latex cooling body pillows, for the most part, come in one-piece plans that never need to be fluffed. However, these cooling body pillows ought to be spot cleaned or laundered and never machine washed.


Cooling body pillows are more elusive than non-cooling body pillows, and customers may be restricted in space and immovability alternatives.


As expressed over, a cooling body pillow that offers better-than-normal cooling and temperature lack of bias may be produced using various materials. Everyday fill materials for these cooling body pillows incorporate destroyed or single-piece gel memory foam, latex, down other option, and buckwheat structures. Other fill materials don’t give the same degree of cooling.

For back and side sleepers who experience the ill effects of the neck, back, or shoulder torment, there is a wide range of kinds of a formed cooling body pillow, which have a bent plan that adjusts to your head, neck, and shoulders. These can assist you in keeping up a tremendous spinal stance while keeping you cool at the same time.


It is essential to take a cooling/cold body pillow for your particular sleeping style. You could get the best one on the market, yet on the off chance that it’s not right for you, your sleep will be influenced. Several importantly, on the off possibility that you are a stomach or back sleeper, a more slender, delicate to the medium-firm model will be a better choice for you. For side sleepers, other firms, higher cooling body pillows are usually a better choice, as they offer better help for your neck.

The Cooling Effect

While there are many cooling body pillows on the market offering most extreme solace, a cooling body pillow goes above and beyond. They can give extreme ease just as an additionally loosening up sleep. They do this by keeping you cool for the duration of the night with the goal that heat-develop doesn’t upset your sleep.

Spare Some Cash

If you need to utilize the climate control system short-term, odds are you are adding to some enormous power bills. Using a cooling body pillow, you can far decrease the sum you have on, subsequently sparing money and the earth.


These cooling body pillows are famous on the market right now, and, as we have seen, they appear in all forms and sizes, “in a manner of speaking.” That implies, regardless of whether you are searching for one that is hypoallergenic, made with adaptive padding, gusseted, or exemplary, there will be one to suit you.


Among all family unit things, a cooling body pillow is likely near the head of the rundown of ‘things that should be routinely cleaned.’ The place perusing the maker’s guidelines is of up-most significance – the cooling body pillow might be machine-launderable or hand-launderable, contingent upon the materials.


Because of their particular plans, cooling body pillows are regularly evaluated altogether higher than non-cooling cushions.


A cooling body pillow can be a lifesaver for those who experience difficulty getting a good night’s rest due to overheating or menopause symptoms, and they can also possibly help those with sleeping disorders, as well. There are various types available, which means’ will undoubtedly be one to suit your sleeping habits. Keep in mind: choosing the correct cooling cushion for your sleeping style is essential, as you need to be calm and agreeable.