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  • Unique-Design: Bulldog shape designed, this wireless Bluetooth speaker is carrying powerful stereo speakers with high-quality smoothness. You can either use this for home decoration or great party playtime, and you can listening to audiobooks in the bedroom at night or playing music while cooking. This product will go everywhere with you.
  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTION: The latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology with CSR8615 Bluetooth module-UK, with SIG Bluetooth Certification.This bulldog Bluetooth speakers can easy connect to laptop,tablet,kindle,iMac/ iPhone/ iPad/ iPod,Android smartphones and cars via wireless Bluetooth.Compatible with Smartphones from every generation that has Bluetooth.
  • PERFECT SOUND WITH WIDEBAND AUDIO: The crystal clear mid & high sound and thumping bass enhance the musical experience.Super Bass Sound Effect.
  • RECHARGEABLE & SUPPORT TF CARD: Built-in 2000mah battery. It lasts up to 6 hours of music playtime with one full charge, universal micro USB charging port design, and support TF card.
  • TOUCH SENSING CONTROL: Touch control volume button, Hand-filling with the polymer resin, Touch feeling very good, integral forming under vacuum at-0.2 MPA and then hand-painting. The material is lightweight, and its total weight is only about 400g.

Product Description:

  • High definition sound
  • Unique, innovative, outstanding design
  • Compatible for iPod/iPhone/iPad from every generation (Bluetooth)
  • Smartphone compatible(Bluetooth cool speakers or line in3.5mm)
  • Compatible with CD player or any other audio source through-line in 3.5mm
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Compact and portable, convenient to carry


  • Model: Sunglasses Bulldog
  • Connection Mode: Bluetooth connectivity, 3.5MM audio jack
  • Interface Type: USB / TF
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 75 dB or higher
  • Power Supply: built-in lithium battery
  • Frequency: 60hz to 15khz
  • Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
  • The Broadcast Time: 5-10 hours
  • Horn Specification: 5.7cm, 8W
  • Distortion Rate: 1% or less
  • Product Size: 13.2*11.8*14cm
  • Net Weight: 400g
  • Packing Size: 13.5*12*16.5cm

Cool Speakers Mini Buying Guide

There are so many new cool speakers on the market these days with great designs and the latest tech built-in that can be dubious about sorting out which one you need. Even though it might seem like the decision is eternal, there is the bounty with one of a kind selling points that will suit you. First up, some cool compact speakers are the built-in view of extreme strength. Others are climate and waterproof for camping and tunes by the pool; be that as it may, some aren’t good for the outside and would peer beautiful inside your home instead.

What Size Cool Speakers Should You Choose?

You’ll want your new cool speakers to be a decent sonic counterpart for your space. For instance, a large open living room with a tall ceiling is a great possibility for floor-standing cool speakers. Floor-standing cool speakers offer enormous, regular sound with strong bass gratitude to their large acoustic chambers.

What’s Your Listening Style?

My family isn’t hip to me, blasting music super uproariously when they’re near. So when I have the house to myself, I love to wrench it up. That is important for why I have large pinnacle cool speakers in my living room — even though I don’t generally “listen boisterously,” the alternative is there when I want it.

You might then prefer to listen to more moderate levels, perhaps even as background music while you do other exercises. I have a couple of minimal shelf cool speakers in my home office since I listen to moderately low levels. For that framework, huge cool speakers would have been pointless excess. Think about how you’ll listen to your framework. It will assist you in having a necessary distance from over-or under-purchasing.

Which Specs Matter?

We’ve all made buys by filtering through element channels, connecting a value roof, and arranging client surveys. In any case, how would you settle about your most ideal choice when you’re taking a gander at many cool speakers in your value range that each gets great surveys? That is the place where looking at specs is handy. Here are the most critical to consider:

Frequency Response

A speaker’s frequency response — estimated in Hertz (Hz) — shows the range of tones it can deliver. The main number reveals to you how low the speaker plays; how profound its bass goes. The following number demonstrates the furthest reaches of the speaker’s apparent range (high frequencies). The more extensive the frequency response, the more full the sound a given speaker can deliver.


A speaker’s feeling rating tells you how efficient it is at converting power into volume. The greater the rating, the louder your cool speakers will play with a given measure of power. Sensitivity is regularly measured by driving a speaker with one watt of power and measuring the loudness in decibels ‘dB’ one meter away.

The outline beneath illustrates that just a couple of dB insensitivity can have a major effect on what you hear. A speaker with a sensitivity rating that is just 3 dB higher than another speaker needs half as much power to convey the same sound measure.

On the off chance that you have a low-powered amp, search for cool speakers with high sensitivity ratings ’90 dB or more’ to take advantage of your system.

Power Dealing With

You’ll see a suggested power range on most of the cool speakers we convey. It provides you a sense of how big your amp should be. The lower number indicates the base wattage required, and the higher number tells you the most extreme wattage the speaker can deal with for an all-encompassing time.


A speaker’s impedance indicates the measure of electrical resistance that it presents to an intensifier. Like power ratings, impedance can be somewhat precarious because while playing music, a speaker’s real impedance constantly fluctuates. For easily contrasting models, cool speakers are usually given a single ostensible impedance rating.

It’s worth mentioning that low-impedance cool speakers (4 ohms) can cause problems with receivers or amplifiers that are not designed to convey many continuous currents. Check your intensifier’s specs to ensure it’s viable with the cool speakers you’re thinking about.

Cool Speakers Materials

A cool speaker’s drivers can be made from different materials, such as metal, paper, plastic, and elastic — each with its sonic properties. For instance, tweeters made of milder materials, such as silk, will, in general, have a smooth sound.

Most producers pick driver materials that offer a decent harmony between lightweight ‘for more effective development’ and quality (for clearer sound without twisting). Premium materials by and large yield preferable sound over their lower-cost partners.

Highlights to search for in a Bluetooth Cool Speakers

Not persuaded the picks we’ve recorded above are spot-on for you? This guide will help you figure out current realities, figures, and specs to figure out which cool speakers will best address your issues. Your first choice will be to pick among portable and fixed structure factors. Most Bluetooth cool speakers are portable because they get matched with cell phones. However, more and more producers are acquainting models designed to stay inside the home.

Picking a portable model gives you the best of the two universes in certain regards, yet a cool fixed speaker is more adept at mixing into your home’s stylistic theme. And keeping in mind that we’ve heard some pretty dynamite portable Bluetooth speakers, a module model is more liable to deliver the sound you’re searching for if devotion is needed in your book. Here are the highlights you’ll need to assess in Bluetooth cool speakers:

App Support

Guide apps can provide lots of new features to cool speakers that wouldn’t be possible with just physical catches on the speaker itself. The app might enable more than one individual to be the DJ, lining up tunes to play on the cool speaker. An app might enable you to tweak EQ bends for various music styles, alerts, or force the speaker on and off distantly.

AptX Support

Bluetooth audio must be pressed down to stream over the wireless transmissions, and the default codec utilizes lossy pressure that tosses a portion of the melodic information away. Qualcomm’s aptX codec is lossless, so none of the melodic detail is lost simultaneously. Yet, aptX must be available at the two finishes of the stream, the playback gadget, and the cool speakers. Most Android gadgets support aptX; however, Apple gadgets don’t.

AptX HD Support

This rendition of Qualcomm’s codec supports high-goal audio records, yet it’s elusive even in the best quality Bluetooth cool speakers at present. Similarly, as with its kin, the codec must be supported on both the audio source, what’s more, the cool speakers to work.


Close to loyalty, a cool, versatile speaker’s most significant component is how long it can work when it’s not connected to the divider. You ought to anticipate that a battery should last 10 to 20 hours, yet recollect that the greater the battery, the heavier the cool speakers will be.

Charging Options

If your speaker has a battery, it should be charged. Cool speakers that charge their batteries via a USB port are more advantageous than models that require an AC connector, yet bigger batteries probably won’t offer that alternative. Some cool speakers additionally let you plug in a USB link to tap their battery to charge your cell phone.


A locally available computerized signal processor (DSP) lets you electronically change how the speaker. Is headed to make up for speaker arrangement or the acoustic properties of your room, in addition to other things.

Mounting Options And Accessories

A portable speaker ought to be anything but difficult to take with you. While some Bluetooth cool speakers rely on their size to make them simple to grasp, others give a cord, carabiner cut, or a shoulder lash. It’s considerably handier when the maker gives normalized attachments and assistants to mounting the speaker to an item, for example, your bicycle’s handlebars. Some portable Bluetooth cool speakers are little enough that you can grasp them in your grasp. However, it gives string mounts so you can connect them.


Some Bluetooth cool speakers have implicit mouthpieces that empower you to utilize the speaker as a speakerphone working together with your cell phone. The sound quality will be superior to what you’ll get from your telephone, and you’ll have the option to crank the volume up a lot higher. It tends to be extremely helpful for telephone calls.

Stereo Pairing

Some cool speakers let you create a left/right stereo pair with two cool speakers (this works best, obviously, when the two speakers are indistinguishable).


Versatile Bluetooth cool speakers can be utilized inside and out, so the best models give some protection from the components. Preferably, the producer will let you know exactly how much protection you can expect by giving an IP (International Protection) stamping. The first digit rates the nook’s protection from the particulate issues (e.g., dust), and the subsequent digit rates its protection against fluids.


More costly Bluetooth cool speakers additionally give the alternative of associating with your Wi-Fi network so you can stream songs from a NAS box. Wi-Fi streams will offer higher accuracy than Bluetooth, regardless of whether the cool speakers uphold the aptX codec. A speaker that accommodates a hardwired network association is even more adaptable.

Wireless Range

A Bluetooth cool speakers range relies upon the force class of its radio, and it can fluctuate widely and is affected by the climate that it’s working in. A Class 1 radio offers a range of around 100 meters. The number of dividers between the Bluetooth source and the cool speaker and the materials in those dividers will significantly affect the range. It’s a lot simpler for radio waves to go through drywall than artistry, for example. Items in the sign way, for example, huge metal apparatuses, will decrease that range significantly further.