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  • DOUBLE-WALLED CHAMPAGNE FLUTE: Our flutes feature a double-walled insulated design that keeps the liquid inside cold longer and resists condensation on the outside of the glass. Great for your favorite wine, mimosa, whiskey, scotch, martini or cocktail.
  • HAND-BLOWN BOROSILICATE GLASS: This glassware is made of premium quality chemistry-grade borosilicate glass, allowing them to be thinner while remaining active. Their durability means they can handle everyday use, for wedding service, and at parties.
  • A WORK OF ART: You’ll be proud to serve your friends and family their favorite bourbon, scotch, or chardonnay in these upscale tumblers. The modern double-wall design creates the optical illusion of the liquid inside being magically suspended in air!
  • DISHWASHER, FREEZER, AND MICROWAVE SAFE: These gorgeous tumblers not only look great, but they’re sturdy and durable barware too. They are easy to care for and can go in the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer without melting, deforming, or cracking.
  • EPARÉ TRUSTED QUALITY: You will receive two (2) double-wall champagne flutes, which hold 5 ounces of liquid and measure 6.5″ tall and 2″ in diameter. We stand behind our quality.

Product Description:

tWe have you covered with our wide selection of unique accessories for breakfast, dinner, and everything in-between! Empowering entertainers since 2012. We’re here to provide you the products you have to transform your kitchen into a position of delight and discussion. Conveying reasonable, flexible products is our thing, and remember about our lifetime quality guarantee and extravagant bundling. Each item you get from Eparé is an encounter that will put a grin all over and put you allied with a vast number of upbeat entertainers that preceded you!

These lovely hand-blown champagne glasses woodwinds will amuse you and your visitors with their upscale contemporary double-wall design. It shows up as though the fluid inside is suspended in air! So why settle for standard dish sets? In any case, they not just look incredible. They are made of excellent science grade hand-blown borosilicate glass, so they are scratch and break safe and can face everyday use. I likewise permit them to be made more slender and progressively exquisite while being equipped for withstanding warm stun. The double-wall design provides protection, so the fluid inside remains cold while opposing the buildup outwardly of the glass. The outside of the focal point remains room temperature when the fluid inside is super cold or steaming hot.
What’s more, they are anything but difficult to think about: pop them in the dishwasher, microwave, or more refreshing, and they’ll generally turn out all-around great. Their 5-ounce limit is the ideal estimated vessel for fine champagnes, wines, and alcohols. Indeed, even water glances better in these flavorful champagne woodwinds!

Insulated Double-Wall Design

Your favorite beverages will stay cold (or hot), and your table or bar will remain dry with the protecting impact of the double-wall design, which eases back the warming of fluids and opposes buildup framing outwardly glass.

A Perfect Pair

This arrangement of two rich champagne woodwinds will help make each night out on the town somewhat more unique. They look incredible as well as are durable and sturdy. What’s more, the insulated double-wall design will keep your beverages cold yet not your hands!

Upscale Contemporary Design

Unfortunately, this glassware has such a large number of reasonable highlights yet doesn’t hold back on style. The tall, thin design brings outclass and great taste, an ideal counterpart for better champagnes, alcohols, and mixed drinks.

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

These extraordinary looking tumblers are worked to withstand everyday use. They are anything but difficult to think about and can go in the dishwasher, microwave, and cooler without distorting. Extraordinary for home or business use.

The perfect Size

These polished champagne glasses woodwinds are the Ideal Size for your favorite champagne, wine, and mixers. They hold five liquid ounces of heavenly fluid. They’re 6 inches tall, and two crawls in breadth. Form in glassware!

Hand-Blown Borosilicate Glass

These delightful vessels are produced using premium quality hand-blown borosilicate glass. This science grade high quality permits them to be made more slender, lighter, and increasingly exquisite while being impervious to warm stun, scratching, and breaking.

Meet the Family Behind Everything!

That is an image of my mother, sibling, and me in 2012. I was 21 years of age, and she depended on me with a little advance to begin Eparé. She needed me to make the ideal kitchen items, and the least demanding approach to accomplish this is with your criticism! It encourages me to keep on improving our questions and give the perfect purchasing experience. Make sure to connect with your inquiries and concerns since we are here to help.

Types of Preferred Champagne Glasses

Whenever asked to decide the perfect glass for drinking champagne, it wouldn’t be a natural choice. Every glass serves its purposes. Some may like one sort of glass, and others may have begun to look all starry eyed at an extraordinary kind of glassware. Aside from that, with time, the choices of the overall population change. One specific style of glass can’t only be anticipated or reported to be the best one. The essential thought is that inclinations and picks differ from individual to individual and the sort of direction they satisfy.


Woodwinds have been a well-known pick for the most seasoned time. They are for quite some time, stemmed, and made with straight sides. The champagne woodwind may have a sharp base or a bent base, with the decreasing edge. With regards to settling on something with an exquisite look and tasteful inclination, woodwinds are, without a doubt, the primary choice. Notwithstanding, they accompany a weight, and on occasion, it gets extreme to deal with them while they are being conveyed in the plate for serving.

On the more bright side, the decreasing edge of the flute brings about the littler surface zone. That implies the aroma of the champagne would be gathered for a more extended time. As the channels are one richly looking plan, one can likewise outwardly appreciate the air pockets rising and feel the eruption of flavor in their mouth. The holding limit of the champagne woodwind ranges from 180 ml to 300 ml.


Tulip is a little curvier and becoming one of the most preferred choices along the passing time. The more extensive yet painstakingly made mouth permits simple access to the liquor aroma, and yet, it isn’t such a significant amount of expansive as to lose all the fragrance rapidly. The individuals who discover the flute a piece excessively limited, appreciate the tulip for its bent bowl. The bigger and increasingly roundabout limit of the tulip takes into consideration the aroma to develop and remain for a more extended time.


Another exemplary stemmed structure of the champagne glass known for its excellence and tastefulness in the car. It is a vintage plan that was at its pinnacle of appreciation a couple of decades back. The champagne roadster stands recognized for its shallow shape. And the enormous bowl. The glass is short and ideal for serving the champagne. It can generally contain liquor from 120 to 240 ml.

Wine Glasses

White wine glasses are quickly becoming the particular one sort of drink. The remarkable element of white wine glasses is that their bowl shape is progressively bent and doesn’t have a sharp end like a tulip. It is gradually adjusted; the bends and size of the bowl are ideal enough for the fragrance to gather and remain. It additionally empowers the consumer efficiently to drink without upsetting the quality and carbonation of the champagne.

Attributes of a Fine Champagne Glass

Meager Rim

Thick rim interferes with the taste and aroma of the wine. Flat edge doesn’t allow the glass to disturb the palate and preserves the sensitivity of the sparkling wine. It is, along these lines, suggested that excellent quality champagne ought to be served in the glasses with the most slender conceivable rim. To make the side significantly increasingly exceptional, a few brands use fire to clean them. It improves their completing as well as adds to their sturdiness, making them sturdier

Gem made

For those inclining the work of art and delicate experience of drinking and focus on subtleties, glasses made of gems are increasingly excellent to them in contrast with the standard focal point. Presently, the precious stone glasses can again be of two kinds, i.e., with lead and without lead, however both fall into the classification of splendidly made glassware. The individuals who give more inclination to wellbeing, and are informed about the lethality, pick the without lead precious stone glasses.

Perfect Stem Length

Stem length is about the solace of holding the beverage close by. Excessively long or excessively short, whatever be the situation, in the two cases, it gets precarious for the host to serve and the visitor to appreciate the stunt if the tallness of the stem doesn’t fit. In contrast, a perfect stem length would furnish the glass with enough equalization and fill the two needs wonderfully.

More Extensive Mouth

Full Mouth means more surface area. A quality champagne glass would serve that purpose. Greater surface area means even more access to the flavor and fragrance of the champagne and somewhat more straightforwardness with regards to drinking. Be that as it may, by full Mouth, one ought not just to fall for a lot of glasses that have a too full edge. Glasses with new expansive rim let the fragrance get away from quicker and even upset the carbonation procedure in the refreshment. From now on, it is picking something that has not very thick side is a smart thought, as it would bolt the kind of the beverage for a more drawn out time.


With regards to strength, champagne glasses can be an extreme arrangement, particularly the flute ones, as they are substantial and, since quite a while ago, stemmed. The focal points structured unequivocally for drinking white wine are a profoundly mainstream decision as they are anything but difficult to deal with and less inclined to break down. If one is worried about sturdiness, there is a wide range of choices accessible in the market. Stemware made of Tritan, which is a mix of oxides of titanium and zirconium are the most durable one. The titanium includes the sturdiness factor, though the zirconium keeps it looking sensitive, shiny, and crystalline.