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Best Aquarium Driftwood

Best Aquarium Driftwood

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  • Made of high-grade driftwood, reliable and durable, long lasting in underwater or arid environments.
  • Authentic natural wood adds real beauty. Unique shapes that add to the aesthetic value of the tank.
  • The package included 3pcs driftwood. Each piece is unique and hand-selected, Sizes varies from 4.5 to 9.5 inches in length. Each piece is carefully selected; the pictures shown are only some of the.
  • The lightweight, sturdy branch is perfect for decoration and reptiles to climb on. It can also create a moss tree in the fish tank, too perfect for home garden landscape design!
  • Your driftwood will quickly become the focal point of your aquarium decor: nocturnal fish, ghost shrimp, and smaller fish like a driftwood shelter for hiding.

Product Description:

PIVBY Natural Aquascape Mopani Driftwood adds a fascinating and beautiful decorative element to aquariums and serves as an anchor for live plants. It creates a natural setting by tinting aquarium water. The Fluval Natural Aquascape Mopani Driftwood will serve as the perfect addition to your aquarium.


To ensure the driftwood have a better sinkable effect, you’d better pretreatment the driftwood before you put the driftwood into the water:

  • Boiling in water for 1 to 2 hours with soda or salt, the watercolor will become dark cause it releases tannins.
  • Boiling the driftwood with water again ( recommended three times, 1 hour each time ) until the tannins release.

Best Aquarium Driftwood Mini Buying Guide

Best aquarium driftwood can look stunning and offer a lot of options for designing your aquarium. They can make some fantastic aquascapes, mainly intensely planted ones. We should be cautious in our best aquarium driftwood determination measure, however. The present post examines the best aquarium driftwood for aquariums. Much like the best aquarium rocks post prior, aquarium driftwood isn’t as essential as selecting it from your neighborhood lake or aquarium. Driftwood, if not chose or prepared accurately, can have awful outcomes in your aquarium.

It is the reason this post is going to zero in on business choices for best aquarium driftwood. I’m not going to discuss DIY options as they can be dangerous and something just someone with experience should deal with. I’m going to talk about the kinds of best aquarium driftwood accessible at that point go over a few suggested options. In the post, there will be associate connections where I may get a commission should you decide to buy at no charge to you. With that revelation gave, we should go ahead and begin.

What Is Best Aquarium Driftwood?

Best aquarium Driftwood is wood that has been washed over through a seashore, waterway, or lake. The best aquarium driftwood gives sanctuary and food to modifies and fish in freshwater aquariums. They likewise give cover and a wellspring of nourishment for feathered creatures that live close to the waters. The best aquarium driftwood is the remaining parts of trees. The best aquarium driftwood has likewise been examined in Norse folklore. In the legend, the principal people were shaped out of two bits of best aquarium driftwood made of debris and elm by the god Odin.

Important Features to Consider

The best aquarium driftwood should complete several things well. Here’s what to consider when selecting driftwood for your fish tank:

Regular vs. Artificial

You can settle on either authentic hardwood or artificial adornment that mimics the genuine wood. Stable wood may be pricier, and it contains a lower or higher measure of tannins. Artificial best aquarium driftwood doesn’t release tannins. However, you should ensure that you choose ornaments made of safe, non-harmful materials.

Sturdiness. The harder and firmer driftwood is, the better decision it is for aquariums. Sturdier driftwood takes less an ideal opportunity to sink to the base of a fish tank, and dissimilar to the soft one, it doesn’t corrupt fast, which means that it won’t imperil the tank condition and your fish’s wellbeing. The best aquarium driftwood that is too fragile can easily separate and pose a danger to your fish.


You should purchase the best aquarium driftwood that fits the size of your fish tank. Remember that more significant pieces may require extra securing using rocks to stand in the desired position, taking up space.

Structure And Texture

Best aquarium driftwood comes in all shapes and forms, and the sort you need will rely upon your personal preferences. Some kinds of driftwood have an empty community that works brilliantly as a hideaway—the ones with stricter structure. For instance, the stemmed shape of cholla wood and sensitive branches of spider wood look sophisticated. Still, they may debase faster after some time, so consider what’s important to you when settling on the best aquarium driftwood.

Sinking Time

It’s normally a good idea to have the best aquarium driftwood that sinks faster as it tends to be put to utilize sooner instead of later. Additionally, aquarium driftwood that falls more rapidly is typically more unbending and more muscular, so it’s more qualified for aquarium use.

The Number Of Tannins

A few types of best aquarium driftwood, for example, Malaysian wood, discharge a lot of tannins that change the watercolor into a shade of orange or earthy colored. While this substance won’t hurt the fish that prefer acidic conditions, it might raise a ruckus to the fish that prefer necessary water conditions, so it’s fundamental to consider it before buying.

Types of The Best Aquarium Driftwood

Before we take a gander at a rundown of the best aquarium driftwood we can purchase, we should discuss the types of aquarium driftwood accessible in our leisure activity. They all have various looks and qualities.

Bonsai Driftwood

Bonsai Aquarium Driftwood is an architect driftwood that is high quality by artisans to make great show-stoppers. These wood pieces look like a bonsai tree. They are fabulous pieces alone in an aquarium and are attractive with live plants developing on them. The most loved kind of plant to create this aquarium driftwood is greeneries. They are sharp and not ideal for Fancy Goldfish or Betta Fish Care. They are expensive, and each piece is extraordinary. They contain a reasonable measure of tannins and will bring down pH.

Cholla Driftwood

Cholla’s best aquarium driftwood is one of the most affordable and readily available driftwood you can find. It is essential to the Southwest United States. It is the dried remains of a Cholla Cactus. It is one of the go-to driftwoods for Freshwater Shrimp Tanks. The motivation behind why it is because the Cholla surface is ideal for gathering biofilm. It has a moderate tannin count and sets aside some effort to get waterlogged.

Manzanita Driftwood

Manzanita Driftwood is turning into an exceptionally wanted aquarium driftwood for. It is wood that originates from bushes native to Oregon, Texas, California, and New Mexico. It has numerous points of interest over different kinds of driftwood. It has a low tannin count and looks fantastic. It has a branch-like structure, which makes unique looking scapes. It waterlogs the quickest among all other driftwood available. It is one of a couple of driftwoods you can purchase that is pH nonpartisan. No pH change is a leading event transformer for the individuals who need driftwood yet may have fish that are not viable with lower pHs. It is incredibly impervious to decay. It makes this driftwood enduring and firm.

Mopani Driftwood

Mopani is a unique looking wood contained two-tone shading mixes. It will bring down your pH and has a high tannin count. It is becoming more well-known driftwood for aquariums as more prominent aquarium brands are beginning to sell in stores. It is readily available driftwood. They are imported from the fields of Namibia by neighborhood tribesmen.