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Bed Wedge Pillow

Bed Wedge Pillow

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  • VERSATILE 4 IN 1 DESIGN: The foldable bed wedge can be used under the head, the back of the legs. Measuring 22” wide and 12” deep, the wedge easily fits on any bed, providing additional comfort and support while sitting or sleeping. A convenient carry handle makes traveling with the compact, folding bed wedge easy.
  • SUPPORTIVE BREATHABLE MEMORY FOAM: Constructed with high-density memory foam, the bed wedge is soft, yet supportive, contouring to the body to provide optimal support. The comfortable foam retains its original shape for extensive usability. The bed wedge can also be used with your regular pillows.
  • REMOVABLE, WASHABLE COVER: Easily removable, the zippered cover is made with soft, breathable polyester material. Machine washable, the cover is a neutral beige.
  • GREAT FOR SLEEPING: Everyone has different neck or back positions that they prefer when falling asleep. Our versatile bed wedge pillow can provide a gradual or steep slope that allows your head to elevate to get just the right amount of pressure.
  • VIVE GUARANTEE: We stand by our products with USA based customer service and a 60-day guarantee.

Product description:

Bed Wedge by Vive: 

Rest more comfortable with the bed wedge by Vive. The gently sloping bed wedge can be utilized under the head, back or legs to give extra help and extraordinary solace. The customizable wedge enables you to pick the perfect measure of the slope to help your body type. The firm adaptable foam wedge additionally incorporates a delicate, machine launderable spread.

Improve Your Quality of Sleep:

Extraordinary for alleviating strain in the neck and back, the bed wedge is adaptably intended for comfortable help. The steady incline enables your head to be raised to lessen the weight on the neck without stressing. Multi-positionable, the bed wedge can likewise be utilized to under the legs for extra help, lifting the feet and lower legs.

Adaptable 4 of every 1 Design:

The flexible bed wedge can be utilized under the head, the back of the legs. Estimating 22″ wide and 12″ profound, the wedge effectively fits on any bed to give extra solace and support while sitting or resting. An advantageous convey handle makes going with the reduced, collapsing bed wedge simple.

Strong Breathable Memory Foam:

Built with delicate, high-thickness flexible foam, the bed wedge shapes to the body to give ideal help. The comfortable foam holds its unique shape for broad ease of use. Utilize the bed wedge with your ordinary cushions for extreme solace and comfort.

Removable Washable Cover:

Effectively removable, the zippered spread is made with delicate, breathable polyester material. The beige bed wedge spread is machine launderable.

Best Wedge Pillows, Top Picks, and Buyer’s Guide

What is a Wedge Pillow?

A wedge pillow is typically made using medium-firm or firm memory foam. Their primary purpose is support, not rich solace. Wedge pillows are in some cases secured by protection since they can be viewed as medicinal gear.

Practically all wedge pillows slant upward in a triangle shape and are typically heavier and longer than conventional pillows. Lighter wedge pillows, similar to models made for kids, are 2-4 pounds, while bigger models can be up to 10 or 12 pounds. The heavyweight keeps the pillow from moving during the night, reliably supporting the client in an upright position.

Most wedge pillows are made with a solitary bit of foam, yet some of them have various foam layers for included customization and support. Once in a while, the pillow surface is level, yet different models have a shaped divot to support the client’s head and neck. The one that works best for you will rely upon your health concerns, resting style, and solace inclinations.

Benefits of Using a Wedge Pillow

Anyone may find their rest is raised (truly and allegorically!) on a wedge pillow. Other than the essential health benefits using one gives, a wedge pillow can make sitting in front of the TV or perusing in bed progressively advantageous and agreeable.

The primary purpose of a wedge pillow is to give additional solace and alleviation at sleep time when an ordinary pillow won’t do the trick. How about we go over all the health benefits of using one.

Better Breathing

The gradual slope of a wedge pillow opens the airways, decreasing the risk of snoring and sleep apnea symptoms. Back sleepers, specifically, are progressively inclined to aviation route deterrent because the tongue can fall back onto the delicate sense of taste, hindering the aviation route.

Individuals with hypersensitivities, clog, or post-nasal dribbling can discover rest from utilizing a wedge pillow. Breathing issues ordinarily erupt related to awful sensitivities or a cold, and sleeping on a wedge pillow can deplete the sinuses, lessening the irritation.

Ease Back Pain

Wedge pillows, particularly those made of adaptable foam, can move bothersome back agony. They stack the hips and vertebrae, adjusting the spine and keeping tension under control. A few clients purchase a subsequent wedge pillow to put under their legs for considerably more help.

On the off chance that you have constant back torment, pick your wedge pillow cautiously. The cushion needs, To be long enough to help your middle without leaving a hole where. The lower back is unsupported—necessarily, a too-short pillow can exacerbate your back torment.

Alleviation from Indigestion, Acid Reflux, and GERD

Most heartburn issues are brought about by stomach corrosive, advancing back up the throat, causing outrageous inconvenience and disturbing sleep. While medicine can help, your sleeping situation on a wedge pillow can likewise work with gravity to hold the stomach corrosive down, giving you a chance to sleep in harmony.

Pregnancy Support

Pregnant women should sleep on their sides since this position keeps the spine, hips, and pelvis neutral, diminishing the danger of painful sleep. While a grand cushion can help with stance, it may not be sufficient to ease indigestion or acid reflux, common pregnancy side effects. This is the place a wedge cushion comes in. Pregnant women should pick one with a breathable spread since this can avoid any further inconvenience.

Are Wedge Pillows Compatible with All Sleeping Positions?

Since wedge pads are so not quite the same as customary cushions, they are not suggested for all sleep positions. They just come fit as a fiddle and immovability, as well, so if you are searching for a cushion with a down, extravagant feel or something. You can cuddle with. A wedge cushion is presumably not for you.

Side Sleepers

Some wedge pads are formed to consider the increasingly agreeable situation of the head and neck, making them perfect for side sleepers. Side sleepers regularly lean toward a medium or medium-firm surface, and a “worked in” headrest gives weight help without you persistently altering your position.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers who battle with wheezing may find that a wedge cushion is an incredible arrangement since they keep the head raised and the aviation routes unhampered. Be that as it may, back sleepers should pick a pad with a lower slant (7-8 inches), since higher inclines may cause some back strain.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers need to sleep on a flat, even surface to keep their spine and neck neutral. Tossing a wedge pad in with the general mish-mash will curve the neck upward in an unnatural position, causing torment as opposed to easing it.

Blend Sleepers

It’s challenging to state if blend sleepers will gather any advantages from wedge pads—everything relies upon the amount they move around during the evening and on the off chance. That they lean toward a cushion, they can cuddle with. Combo sleepers who experience the ill effects of any of the wellbeing conditions recorded above may like wedge pads. However, they should think about the tallness, length, and weight of the pads cautiously.

Potential Downsides of Using Wedge Pillows

Since wedge pads are typically made with foam, they can hold heat, putting sleepers who sleep hot off guard. On the off chance that this portrays you, pick a wedge cushion with a breathable spread or one that utilizations cooling froths as the solace layers.

If you sleep on your stomach or move around a great deal while you sleep, a wedge pad may not be a solid match. Stomach sleepers should search for a low-space cushion to keep their spine, neck, and head in a neutral position. Blend sleepers will need a more substantial wedge pad that doesn’t move around with them during the night.

Did You Find the Best Wedge Pillow?

Wedge cushions are entirely different than your average sleeping pad, yet that is by structure. They are intended to reduce back and shoulder torment, indigestion, acid reflux, and GERD indications, improve dissemination and improve pose. Ensure you pick one that accommodates your sleeping position and size, as this can impact the adequacy of the pad.